How Super Soluble Duocal Helped Put Weight on My Daughter

Dinner time, as portrayed on television and in the movies, is supposed to be a time of happy conversations, people enjoying their meal together, and a place for family memories to be created.

The reality for many parents, especially for those who have picky eaters like my younger daughter, this scenario is not the case. Dinner time becomes a place of battle, with the children and the parents waged at war. Will she eat what is prepared? Do you kowtow and serve only the things she will eat, after swearing you will never make four separate dinners like your own mother did?

As a parent, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. In the case of my daughter, her pediatrician was gravely concerned about her lack of weight gain over the course of the past two years. At age 10, she was only 59 pounds, but at a good height for her. For now. Her lack of nutrients could prove detrimental to her growth if she did not put on sufficient weight.

But my daughter's palate had been shrinking. While never a good eater, she was increasingly eating a smaller variety of foods, and most of them were carbs. A growing body cannot live by bagels, cookies and cereal alone.

It also did not help that her older sister was battling anorexia, and she was mimicking the bad behaviors she had seen her beloved big sister exhibit.

At this point, I started having my daughter see a nutritionist. This amazing young woman had an immediate connection to my child and we worked out an eating plan to expand what she ate. Over the course of four months, my daughter put on six pounds. While this was step in the right direction, it was a slow start.

Then fate intervened.Duocal Protein PowderCredit:

My friend was visiting me and I was discussing this distressing topic with her. She told me that her boss's daughter had the same issue and that she sneaked a protein powder into her food that helped the child gain 25 pounds. She sent her boss a text and gave me the name of the product, Duocal.

No stores in my area carried this, so I ordered it at Amazon. The trick was not to let my Best Thermos for KidsCredit: see the can, so I hid it.

I added the Duocal to the pancake mix that I made every morning so my kids would have a good breakfast and a healthy start to their day. I added it to soup made with pasta, but had to be careful not to add too much or it would make the liquid appear cloudy. When baking, I added a few scoops to the batter. There is no taste, so no one noticed.

At the next appointment with our nutritionist, a few more pounds were added to my  daughter's tiny frame. Success!

But I still some concerns. Lunch at school was at 11:35, and my daughter came home at 3:15 and began binge eating because she was starving! She ate all kinds of foods that were not healthy. After discussing this with her nutritionist, who was also alarmed at this disordered eating pattern, she wrote a note to the school, explaining that for health reasons, my daughter was to drink a calorie dense nutrition drink like Carnation Breakfast in the afternoon..

I prepared it in a thermos and placed in a scoop of Duocal. She could not taste it a all.

By adding this drink and Duocal to my daughter's diet, her weight jumped up to 72 pounds by the end of the school year! She is now a healthy 86 pounds and is almost as tall as I am. I no longer have to add this to her drink, which she still has every day. But I will if she starts to slow down in the weight gain department.

I highly recommend Duocal for anyone who needs to put weight on a child.