DVDs On Demand

When I decided to make my first DVD, I was perplexed at how to manage the huge inventory that would be required to have it duplicated professionally. How happy I was to learn of a wonderful DVD duplicating company called Kunaki!  The place is really amazing to say the least. Kunaki is an on-demand DVD publishing company that will automatically create a sales page for your DVD upon upload, process the credit cards from the customers, manufacture as few as one DVD, and ship to the customer. They will do all of this in a 24 hour period with no extra charge. If you are a beginner in DVD production then you may find the following information a great asset to your future endeavors.

How-To Video Front Cover
Credit: My photo and my product

Benefits of Kunaki

Regardless of the editing software that you use to create your DVD (I use Sony Vegas), the first thing you should do when it is finalized is burn the final render onto a DVD-R disc. DVD-R is what Kunaki recommends and it is also the most universally compatible with DVD players from my own experience. Once you have your DVD burned exactly the way you want it to be reproduced, you need to go to www.kunaki.com  and download their free software.

Check the current price per DVD when you get there. It is usually around $1.70 per DVD (If you order 10 or less it is only $1 per DVD). You get all of the following for that price:

  •     Manufacturing and Assembly
  •     Full color DVD printing
  •     DVD case
  •     Full color 1-panel insert
  •     Full color DVD case cover
  •     Cellophane wrapping
  •     UPC bar code
  •     24-Hour rush manufacturing

What is even better is that there are no minimums, contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees. After you upload your product they will keep it for 180 days after the last order. So, if you want to keep it readily available from Kunaki you will need to purchase at least one DVD every 6 months.

Uploading Your Product

At the Kunaki homepage you want to click on the “new customer” tab. Then, near the top of the page in the #1 “Quickest Method:” option, click on the “click here” link in that line. This takes you to the download page. At the bottom of that page you will see a link that says, “Click here to download the CD/DVD publishing software”. It is a clean, quick download that is free of any add-ons or junk to deal with. What is really neat with this software is that before you upload anything you can select your retail ready case cover, disk cover, and case insert before selecting your video. The software then compiles your product design, your content selections (a small form you fill in), and your video into a virtual product that you test and review. Once this is to your satisfaction you click the publish button and your virtual product uploads itself to their facility. This can take anywhere from five to twelve hours depending on the length of your DVD and the speed of your internet connection. However, this upload is error free. It will seamlessly reconnect from pauses, lost connections, and even power outages due to the unique virtual product that it creates. I’ve experienced all of the above and have never had any problems with the final product.

An Example of a DVD case cover

Example of a DVD case cover
Credit: My Photo and my DVD

Example of Insert Inside Case

Inside the Case
Credit: My photo and my product

At this point I would simply like to mention an excellent product on the market called Marketing How-To DVDs. This video will walk you step-by-step through the entire process that I am speaking of using Kunaki, with great computer screen captures, as well as a boatload of other revealing tips should you decide to market your DVDs. The creator of this video has a website (explained on the video) where you can download templates that make DVD case covers look really professional and are preset to Kunaki’s dimensions and specifications. The photos I have included were all made using his templates. The only other thing you may want to pick up is Photoshop Elements (I used version 8). The templates are from Photoshop. You can do all of cover art and design yourself but I thought it was a fantastic way to streamline your project and get up and going fast. Armed with these two products (not necessary but helpful to have), you will breeze through this Kunaki experience and be well on your way to duplicating great looking DVDs, and possibly a lucrative business. Once you try this and successfully upload your first DVD, you’ll never look back. It only gets better from there!

Selling From Kunaki

Once you have successfully uploaded your video, Kunaki automatically creates a sales page for you. You do not have to use it but should you be interested in making DVDs for profit, this sales page will work. All you have to do to set a price for your product is go to your control page and open the "configure retail options" link. Kunaki handles the credit cards and paypal orders, shipping rates and charges, and quantities desired. All you have to do is share the link to your product with your customers. You can sell your products at Amazon and Kunaki can manufacture and drop-ship inventory to different retail outlets. You can integrate their digital manufacturing system into your own process with their XML order entry system. Your process sends their facility an order (name, address, and product id) in XML format and they manufacture and ship directly to the recipient. More information about their XML web service and other great offers can be found in the FAQ section of their website.