Beach umbrellas are definite must-haves for people who like to spend time in the beach. They serve as protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from that, a beach umbrella also offers a comfortable shelter where you can take a rest, sip your favorite tropical drink or just sit while admiring the calming beauty of the sea. With the increasing demand for this functional beach items, manufacturers have introduced a wide range of high quality beach umbrellas that are available in varying sizes, shapes, designs and features. Most beach-lovers opt for portable beach umbrellas that provide excellent UV protection. For those who haven't purchased one yet, you can go for beach umbrella rentals, which are being offered by many beach resorts. However, rentals can be quite expensive especially during peak-seasons therefore you can incur greater savings if you purchase a durable beach umbrella.

First and foremost, you have to evaluate your needs before buying a beach umbrella. Doing a need analysis test will help determine the features you want your umbrella to have. You also have to give careful assessment on the materials from which the umbrella has been constructed. Check if the beach umbrella stand is sturdy and ask if it is designed for heavy duty use. Canvas beach umbrellas are the common choice among consumers due to their durability and functionality.

Next, you have to choose a beach umbrella that can accommodate the number of people you are with. You also need to check if it is made from light-weight materials. A beach umbrella that is easy to carry and provide storage convenience is perfect when you're traveling to distant places. The anchoring device of the umbrella is another important factor to consider. Depending on the size of your umbrella, make sure that the anchoring device used is strong enough to hold your umbrella even in strong wind conditions. This anchor could be as simple as a stackable chair available at most beach resorts.

Opting for umbrellas with telescoping features is also a great idea. A telescoping umbrella is compact which provides ease of transport and at the same time it allows you to conveniently adjust it to a comfortable height (if you need to). You should also go for an umbrella with a tilt feature. This will greatly help you to position your umbrella for maximum shading. Furthermore, you must select beach umbrellas that are rust and weather resistant to make sure that they can endure varying weather conditions. When looking for beach umbrellas, you have to consider its useful features, portability, versatility and functionality. Invest in a high-quality umbrella in order and get the most out of it!