Boxer Works a 15 Year Old Virtually Indestructible Ball
Credit: Jeannine Thompson

Is your dog a strong chewer who cheerfully destroys every ball and stuffed toy within minutes? Are you tired of spending your money on dog toys that just don't last? Consider the Virtually Indestructible Ball, a truly durable toy that lives up to its name.

Meet the Ultimate Toy Testing Dog

I thought that no toy on earth could withstand the crushing jaw power of my first dog, a pit bull mix with bulging jaw muscles. She cheerfully and rapidly punctured tennis balls, racquet balls, softballs, basketballs, and footballs and ripped huge chunks out of Extreme Kongs. My persistent girl could convert any sports ball or dog toy into a defeated choking hazard within minutes.

I had no unreasonable expectation that a dog toy should last forever. However, I was feeling discouraged that my canine sweetie could ruin them all so efficiently.  Then I gave the Virtually Indestructible Ball a trial run.

The Ball That Could Not Be Ruined

Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs, 10-inch
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(price as of Nov 22, 2015)

The Virtually Indestructible Ball was made out of some incredibly hard plastic that felt more like a a chunk of smooth concrete. I threw the ball out in the backyard and my dog chased it down. She pressed her teeth into the ball, flexed her formidable jaw muscles with full intensity but the ball refused to die. She seemed astonished that the ball did not submit to her will and began scratching at it with her front paws. Soon she had that ball rolling rapidly around the yard and barked happily while pawing, nosing, and occasionally clamping down in another attempt to pop it.

The dog could not destroy that ball and neither could the Florida weather. Two of those balls have been in my backyard for over 15 years and neither have been at all degraded by the near constant exposure to sunlight. My first dog passed away years ago but the original balls continue to provide a source of exercise and entertainment for new generations of dogs. 

A Few Cautions

Although the Virtually Indestructible Ball is a safe and entertaining dog toy, be aware that there are some potential downsides:

  • Not a throw toy- this ball really is incredibly hard and heavier than most dog toys. It is capable of causing serious injury if thrown at a dog or person. It could also break a window, television, or furniture. Roll this ball along the ground but do not throw it through the air.
  • Not a kickball- if you crank your leg back and give this ball a hard kick you will probably end up with at least one broken toe.
  • Not a chew toy- this ball can injure your dog's teeth if she is allowed to chew it continuously. I learned this the hard way. I bought a small ball for my Airedale terrier to keep him occupied in the house. While he was relentlessly gnawing on the ball the hard plastic was grinding his canine teeth into sharp points. He bit through his own lips with these teeth and infection set in. He recovered with good veterinary care and the small ball was taken from him forever. 
  • Not for unsupervised use- no dog toy is a substitute for human contact. Don't leave your dog unsupervised with any toy for a prolonged amount of time. Roll the ball for your dog, have fun watching her scoot that thing all around, and make sure that biting down and chewing on it time is not excessive. 

My multi-year, multi-dog experience with the Virtually Indestructible Ball has been overwhelmingly positive. This is a fun and durable toy that resists strong canine jaws and will provide a lifetime of entertainment for both you and your dog.