Vinyl fencing is a sturdy, low maintenance and long lasting option a buyer should strongly consider. Unlike wood, it will no dry and split over time. Also, unlike metal it will not rust. Many different styles and sizes are available from the manufacturer that can be used virtually anywhere. Available in different colors that last, painting is a thing of the past.

While wood fencing can be cheaper, over time they can rot and make it easier for livestock to break through and possibly injure themselves on the broken wood. Horses and mules also chew on wood and can compromise the stability of the fence and decrease the curb appeal. There are multiple styles of vinyl horse fence available like two, three or four post and rail, or an attractive cross buck. Because the product is not wood, the animals will not chew on it, it will last longer and it does not splinter if by chance it is broken by a strong force.

The use of barbed wire fence can cause injury to animals and cause death if they get tangled in it. Barbed wire can also injure people that tend to the animals, leaving torn clothing or cuts on the skin which if the wire is rusty you may need to get a tetanus shot. ChVinyl Fence (16360)ain link would also not be preferable because it can stretch, weaken and form holes.

The stockade vinyl fence is ideal for privacy around a pool, to keep the dog in the yard, the dog or deer out of your garden or just added privacy and security around the perimeter of your home.

Picket styles are available in straight and scalloped tops. The little picket fence will never need painted and will not be on the honey-do list every year. All it needs to look new is a quick spray with the hose. This medium size provides a barrier between your yard and the street and will contain small animals and children while adding curb appeal.

Vinyl fencing prices change based on size, style and color. The most basic post and rails runs on average $16. End caps cost $1 per piece, upright post on average $10. The fancier the you get the more you will pay. A straight picket panel, measuring three feet tall and six feet long will run $55.

Vinyl fencing is durable and made to withstand harsh weather much better than its competition. It does not age and break down like wood and will not rust and change color like metal. With never needing to strip or paint, it is a very low maintenance, high quality investment that is functional and looks great.