Have you seen the newest thing on the market to make your life with your electronic device a bit easier, the Duracell My Grid? If you haven't then you really need to take a look at this must have item. One of the biggest pains of having all of those smart phones and other devices for the people in your house is keeping track of all of those charging cords. It can be difficult to determine which charging cord is for which phone without trying to plug it in. Doing this could result in you damaging your phone. This is just one of the reasons that the Duracell My Grid was created.


This device makes charging the many phones in your house as easy as tossing them on a table. It is a drop and go technology that wants to make it hassle free and easy to charge your hand held devices. The Duracell My Grid Pad is the answer to many people's prayers when it comes to hassle of charging their devices.


How Does It Work


The technology is very basic but way beyond what other companies offer. You plug in and place the My Grid Pad on a flat surface. Once you have installed the power clip or power sleeve on your phones, you can just place them on the pad to charge them. There is a light that will indicate to you that it is working. With a couple of setup steps charging your devices can be as easy as placing them on your coffee table. So now you can set it down and forget it.


Cleans Up Clutter


Have you ever noticed the spider webs of electrical cords that you have around your house? If you are like the average home, most of your outlets will have a multi plug unit attached to them. This can make it too easy to get a messy cluster of electrical cords through out various parts of your house. The simple act of using the Duracell My Grid Pad can eliminate a lot of the extra cords that are lying around. If you think about, one My Gird Pad can charge up to four items at one time. This is a lot of clutter that you can get rid of around the house.


Two Models of the Duracell My Grid Pad


When you are in the market to get a starter kit of this product, you will want to know that there are two options. The first is the basic starter kit. There are many handheld devices that are compatible with this item. Some of the more popular ones are many Blackberry models, Palm Pre, and the Garmin NUVI765T. You can also place iphone on the device when you purchase power sleeves for them. The other model of the Duracell My Grid Pad starter kit that you can get is the Iphone one. This kit comes with the power sleeves as opposed to the power clips that the basic starter kit comes with. This makes it a must for a family full of iphone users. You can buy a separate power clip for phones that do not use the sleeves to make it work with all compatible phones.