Searching for a healthier interior low voc paint? Do you want a product with a lower VOC content and one that is more eco-friendly? You're in luck! Most paint companies produce a greener, more healthy product with the environment and your health in mind. However, you must keep in mind that just because the label on a product reads low in VOC or environmentally-friendly, it does not mean the paint will perform well. Remember, we have a market economy and demand is trending towards greener products. That means every paint company that sells paint is racing to create the best eco-product, or at the very least slapping a new label on a slightly modified product. Always read reviews before you buy a product!

Duration Home: An Exceptional Low VOC Paint

Duration Home Interior Latex

One product on the paint market that has met or exceeded green standards is Duration Home Interior Latex. Produced by Sherwin-Williams Paints Company, Duration Home meets the most stringent environmental standards being tested by multiple third-party agencies. Duration Home consistently contains a VOC content of lower than 50 grams per liter, much lower than required standards. Like Harmony Zero VOC Acrylic, Duration Home contains anti-microbial properties that prevent or resist the growth of mold and mildew.

Duration Home offers:

  • Low odor
  • Low VOC content, with 50 grams per liter or less
  • Anti-microbial properties that resist mold and mildew growth
  • Sherwin-Williams GreenSure promise of green sustainability
  • EPA approved green certification
  • Recyclable containers and labels made with soy ink

Performance Properties

Confidently, Sherwin-Williams claims Duration Home as the first truly washable coating, while maintaining durability, low odor, and low VOC. With Duration Home, you will be able to wipe away most stains with mild soap or water with the help of Duration's cross-linking formula that prevents stains from penetrating. Deeper colors will not rub-off nor will your surface mar if you if brush up against it. Duration Home is ideal for many different settings, from kitchens to bedrooms to high-moisture bathrooms. Matte, Satin, and Semi-Gloss sheens are available for any color. Remember the more sheen value a product contains, the more washable your walls will be. Unfortunately, sheen will enunciate imperfections in your wall. Duration Home Satin will generally give you a nice finish, while maintaining durability. As a reference, Duration Home Satin has a similar sheen value to most eggshell paints. Duration Home is a latex-based product, so you will be able to wash your tools with soap and water.

Duration Home offers:

  • Cross-linking formula that keeps stains out
  • Washable sheens with most stains easily wiped off with soap and water
  • Dark, deep, and vivid colors do not chalk-off when touched and remain washable.
  • Resistance to moisture and water streaking
  • Anti-mildew agents that prevent growth
  • Matte, Satin, and Semi-Gloss sheen levels.

The Price

Duration Home is considerably more expensive than most regular latex coatings. While considering the cost, remember the benefits of the product you are selecting. Also, consider the company that is offering the product to you. If Sherwin-Williams Paint Company, over 120 years old, is standing behind their product, you should feel more confident purchasing their products over a brand you've never heard of before.

Duration Home approximately costs:

  • Duration Home Matte Interior Latex: $52
  • Duration Home Satin Interior Latex: $55
  • Duration Home Semi-Gloss Interior Latex: $57
  • No Extra Charge for Tinting
  • No Extra Fee for Deeper or Vivid Colors
  • Not-Returnable, Once Tinted

Though steep, Sherwin-Williams offers great incentives and special exclusive sales to frequent customers. Visit over 3500 stores nationwide, and purchase a low VOC paint that has low odor and performs great; Duration Home!

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