Whether you’re in charge of a business or you’re an individual with an eye for style, Duratrans is an impressive and attractive graphical display that is sure to liven up any room or area. The term “Duratrans”—which is a shortened form of the phrase “durable transparency”—is used generically to describe brilliant backlit displays that contain text and images like those you’d find on paper. However, unlike paper-based images, these luminous displays are printed in full color and brilliantly lit to capture the attention of your clients, customers, or friends.

One of the most common applications of the Duratrans display is on the set of news programs. In the backgrounds behind the news anchors, these displays often feature images of a station’s city skyline, station logos, a computer-generated newsroom, or other abstract designs. Another great application of Duratrans is in theatrical productions, where the backgrounds really pop when lit up. In these instances, the Duratrans can be set up to move quickly, allowing for rapid transitions between brilliant and gorgeous sets.

The Duratrans display is also perfect for anyone in a business like graphic design, photography, marketing, and the like, where eye-catching and unique images are a testament to your skill. What better way to impress a client than to have an image you created immortalized on a backlit display in your office or living room? If you’re in another business, and you need good advertising to bring in new customers, consider mixing it up by going with a Duratrans from New York. With a high quality light box to display your ad copy and images, you’ll leap to the front of the line over competitors with run-of-the-mill paper advertisements.

When would you use a Duratrans advertisement? Well, they are perfect replacements for traditional banner advertisements, and they also work well in place of mallscapes and airport directories. Going with a Duratrans just shows how committed you and your business are to providing an elite, quality experience to your valued customers and clients.

If you’re interested in a Duratrans advertisement, you should look for a printing company in New York. Both advertising and printing are big industries in New York City, and there will be companies located there with the combined expertise to give you a truly one-of-a-kind advertisement that will draw people like nothing else.

Duratrans also make impressive displays for the names of executives or businesses. You can mount a luminous display of your business’s name and logo in the front lobby of your business office—or display an executive’s name and picture on their desk to really make it obvious how important they are to the business.

Whether you want to use the Duratrans for background displays, pictures, advertisements, logos, banners, names, directions, art, or just a showcase of your great taste, those backlit displays will bring the message to life in a way that no traditional display can. All you have to do is find a printing company in New York that handles Duratrans, and you’ll be on your way to radiant backlit images that will do wonders for your business.