Dutch oven – Great Gift Idea

Dutch oven - great gift idea

The dutch oven has been a popular cooking tool since the days of George Washington, Paul Revere and the cowboy and wagon due to it's strength in cast iron, large cooking surface, ease of cleaning and ease of using over an open flame. Today's dutch oven has come a long way since those early versions that used coal and charcoal to heat. If you're doing your holiday shopping and want a great gift idea that will be used and remembered on many days throughout the year, consider one this year to help the cook or aspiring chef on your list.


Benefits of a dutch oven:

A dutch oven is a heavy metal pan with a lid that distributes the heat evenly throughout the entire pan and is excellent for one pan cooking.

They can be used for browning, searing, frying, roasting, sautéing or boiling foods.

Each has a flat bottom with a large cooking surface ideal for cooking large quantities of food.

Most are made of heavy cast metal such as cast iron and will last for years with proper use, cleaning and storage.

You'll find they come is a variety of sizes and styles to suit any type of cook or kitchen style.

These heavy duty all in one pans are typically used on the stove top and can easily be used for one pot meals such as soups and stews, chicken and rice dishes, pork and cabbage dishes, roast with potatoes or any variation of one pot meals.

The heat is easily controlled when cooking with a dutch oven so there is less chance of burning food as well as they can be used on any type of stove top.

You'll love that they are suitable to place in an oven without damaging the metal or lid.

Check out one with legs as the perfect camping companion since it can easily be placed on a grill or open fire and are usually easily transportable.


Top of the line Dutch ovens:

All Clad Dutch ovens:

All Clad Manufacturing of USA makes a dutch oven that is clad with aluminum and a stainless steel cooking surface with a domed lid that is perfect for home use or large party meals during entertaining for a price of around $258 for the 8 quart size. Other sizes and color choices are also available at amazon.com or other online stores ranging in prices from $68 - $300.


Le Creuset:

Le Creuset is a French company that has been making porcelain enameled cookware since 1925 that is one of the top of the line products in this category and are available in many enameled colors to match the kitchen. They offer stainless steel, stoneware, and enamel on steel or enameled cast iron as part of their professional series of cookware that many restaurants and professional chefs use.

Buy Le Creuset online at amazon.com or many other online stores at prices ranging from $60 for a mini dutch oven up to $280 below with free shipping.


Lodge Dutch:

Lodge is an American made company that has been making camping choices for more than 100 years and these pans are cast iron for even heat distribution, fairly indestructible and highly sought after.

Lodge makes a 5 qt seasoned oven with looped handles and a lid in cast iron for only $54.95 through their website and also online at amazon.com or other online shopping stores.



Maca is a Utah, USA based company that started in 1978 that creates cast iron cookware with unique nature scenes carved into the lids or can be personalized for your home or business for an additional $45 making a maca oven a great gift idea for anyone or the hard to buy for person on your holiday shopping list.

Maca is known for using heavier metals in the ovens and lids giving a better heat distribution and heat retention and they claim to have the most effective for this reason.

Maca ovens come in a wide variety of sizes and styles in prices ranging from $49 - $130 online at their own website or amazon.com or other sites that can include free shipping or free accessories with minimal purchases.


Care and cleaning of Dutch ovens:

Care involves simply washing with warm soapy water before first use and then heat the pan before adding oil or food to the pan.

Wooden handled spoons or utensils are suggested with some to prevent scratching the surface. Check the manufacturers suggested uses for the most long lasting cookware.

Cool it after use before placing it in the sink to wash to protect the enamels.

Hand washing cookware with warm soapy water is preferred to dish machine washing although many are dish machine safe.

Give one to yourself or someone on your gift list, they'll be sure to use it, appreciate it and own it for years to come!

photo: www.amazon.com

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Top of the line All Clad Stainless

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