Large lens with minimal fogging. Tons of padding all over the mask. Helps balls to bounce instead of break on you. Easy to clean.


Can be hard to change the lens. For some larger people it won't completely cover their neck.

Full Review

Dye has been a very prominent manufacturer of paintball masks for the last several years. Their most popular mask, the Dye Invision, has set a standard for all paintball masks that other companies have a hard time competing with. This review discusses several reasons for why the Invision is one of the top masks, and why it is so popular with serious paintball players.

First of all, the Dye Invision has an incredible amount of padding which makes it ideal for wearing in long paintball games. This mask will not start to scratch your face or feel uncomfortable, even if you are sweating uncontrollably. If you are a tournament paintball player, you know how important it can be to have a mask that feels good the entire game. Any frequent player will be able to tell you that the Invision is one of the best masks to buy if you are looking for heavy padding.

One of the most important factors in a quality paintball mask is how well it prevents and clears up fogging. The Invision does very well with this, mainly because of the thermal lens it uses. The lens on this mask is top of the line for paintball, and you generally won't have too much fogging with it even if you are playing a very long game in hot conditions. The amount of ventilation this paintball mask provides is also useful for keeping fog from slowing you down. The Invision is ventilated in many key areas to help keep you cool too, which will in turn also help to keep the lens from fogging.

You know the feeling you get when you are shot in a paintball game, but then realize that the ball actually bounced instead of broke on you? This will likely happen a lot more if you are wearing an Invision during games. This paintball mask was designed with materials that are quite soft and flexible, so if a paintball hits the right spot on the mask then it may bounce, and you'll still be in the game. This is just one of the simple perks of this mask which can really make a difference in important tournament games.

Keep in mind that the Dye Invision is known for being quite easy to clean also, which can be a big help if you take a load of paint to the face. Some paintball masks can take up to twenty minutes to clean completely, but this isn't one of t hem. Also since the lens on the Invision is pretty big, you get a wider field of vision than you do with many other lower quality masks.

The only thing that many people complain about then it comes to the Invision is that it is somewhat hard to change out the lens. After awhile any paintball mask needs a fresh lens, and some people say they have trouble changing it. However if you make sure to follow the instruction manual carefully, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

In Closing

Nearly every paintball player who buys this mask absolutely loves it. If you are planning on buying a new one soon, you should definitely consider the Dye Invision.