It seems as if almost every holiday has some sort of artistic expression associated with it; from decorating your house for Christmas to decorating your dinner table for Thanksgiving, you can be sure that there is at least something that is art related associated with the holiday. The greatest thing about the artistic activity that is involved in the Easter season is that it greatly involves the young children in the activity! One of the most common activities is dying Easter eggs with things like food coloring and onion skins. It is seemingly the perfect activity for children to participate in because it is easy enough that they can do it without much difficulty, and does not create that much of a mess, even in the worst case situation. There are a large variety of ways to go about doing this, but dying Easter eggs with food coloring and onion skins are definitely the most popular ways. Not only will this article provide you with some useful tips and tricks that you can use when dying Easter eggs with food coloring and onion skins but it will also give you a little history lesson on the subject matter.

Dying Easter Eggs With Food Coloring Is The Most Common Method

More color usually means a better finished product when it comes to most forms of artwork; moreover, this is only one of the reasons that dying Easter eggs with food coloring is the most common method. In addition to being able to incorporate a wide variety of colors onto the shell, it is also relatively easy for a child of any age to do! All that you must do is simply apply the food coloring to the area of the shell that you want to color, and you will end up with a vibrant finished product! Choose food coloring for the most vibrant results.

The History Of Dying Easter Eggs

The bunny has been the representative character of this holiday for quite a while, and the eggs have been its counterpart. Up until a while ago, every holiday had at least some form of artistic expression associated with it except for Easter. People began to think that it would not be the greatest idea to catch bunnies and decorate them for this holiday, so they sort of resorted to choosing to decorate the eggs that were also a representative object of Easter. The thought of decorating those eggs was a broad one, and there were many possibilities to do so; however, dying Easter eggs with food coloring and onion skins was definitely one of the most effective ways. It was decided that dying these eggs would provide people with “the best bang for their buck” in regards to the art involved in this holiday.

Dying Easter Eggs With Vinegar Is A Bit Harder

The only downside to using food coloring is that it is water soluble and will begin to fade after a while; however, it is extremely easy to go about doing. People began to look for an alternative way to go about with this artistic expression; something that would be a bit more difficult, but would last a substantial amount of time as opposed to a short amount of time. Dying Easter eggs with vinegar seemed to work perfectly, and fit both of these criteria. It is slightly more difficult to actually do, but will produce a result that will last a lot longer than its food coloring alternative!

Dying Easter Eggs With Onion Skins Creates Less Of A Mess

Food coloring lets you choose from a wide variety of colors, but can definitely create a slight mess. With people knowing that, they began to search neater ways to complete this holiday piece of artwork, even if it meant not having the ability to use as many colors. After a ton of experimenting, they realized that dying Easter eggs with onions skins creates much less of a mess than its popular food coloring alternative. I would highly recommend this option when choosing to do this with children under the age of 3 because it will ensure that they still have some fun, create an amazing finished product, and do not make a mess of the kitchen or themselves.

Dying Easter Eggs Is A Great Childhood Experience

Everybody has at least a few childhood experiences that they will remember for as long as they live; these experiences stick out in their head, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. It is every parent’s dream to instil more positive experiences in their child’s memory than they had when they were younger; parents always want more for their kids than they received. This is why dying Easter eggs is the absolute perfect thing to do with your child during this holiday season; it will create those positive memories that you desire for them!