Recording with a microphone

Microphone is everything

Which ever genre you find yourself wanting to fall in musically or if you’er just trying to keep track of those ideas that pop into your head, recording them is essential. Especially if you are wanting them to last. Recording programs like FL Studios and Reason are pretty darn important and play a lot into the product that comes out but even more than that, pair a recording program with a certain type of microphone will give the best results. Whether you are doing a single, or mono, microphone technique, or a two-microphone, or stereo, technique, the mics you choose is as you guessed, important.


To get to the point quickly

Get yourself a condenser microphone rather than a dynamic microphone. A few good examples of these are : MXL 990 condenser microphone with stock mount  (59.99), Groove Tubes GT55 (250),  Blue Baby Bottle Microphone (399). As with most things, the more you put into something, the better the out come. Same goes with Microphones. The cheap ones work if you are just after a hobby but if you are wanting a more quality sound, best to purchase up in price. 

Condenser Microphone(110211)

What is a condenser microphone?

The reason most suggest to use a condenser mic over a dynamic mic for recording is that condenser microphones have a much higher frequency reproduction and transient response, (catches sound better) which is glorious for capturing acoustic instruments; especially if you are doing a single instrument. If you are mixing multiple instruments it’s easy to get by with using dynamic microphones. However, if you want to record such as acoustic guitar album, then a condenser microphone would give the sound a much better “body” to it. They are designed to really fill out your sound whether it’s guitar, voice, etc. 


dynamic microphone(110214)

What is a Dynamic microphone?

Dynamic microphones are the “rugged use” tools of the music touring word. Microphones that can handle being dropped by those squirrely roadies and are well round for being man handled at times. They have very few moving parts so the chances of it breaking are much slimmer when compared to a condenser microphone. However, because of the design of a dynamic mic’s durability, they have a think diaphragm that is attached to a wire coil, causing dynamic mics not to pick up high frequencies well.

So if you are touring, best to snag some of these but if you are in a studio of sorts, best snag some condenser mics. Although, in the end if you find yourself short on cash and just want to record a song, recording yourself through your computer can do the trick. Jam on.