Personal Creation-Key of evolution

 Present moment awareness is said to be the key of all success and it is a situation in which we become   conscious of the moment which is present before us. In any conceivable infinitesimal maximum minimum fraction of time, a moment cannot remain present in front of us. No sooner we become aware of it, it has gone and merged with past. In the continuity of time how a moment can be caught hold of and one can be aware of it and be present in that.

We know time in terms of second, hour, day, year and light year on one side and nano second on the other. Time is continuous without any gap in between two moments. It is impersonal and it has nothing to do anything with anybody. We don’t have any choice in this matter. Time does not have any attribute and attachment to anything .It simply is. It cannot not be. 

 When we try to be aware of the present moment which is always absent due to inherently inbuilt mechanism of the flux i.e. ever changing time continuum, what actually we   do?  Generally in the process of becoming aware   we start mentally conceiving the situation putting our self in the midst of flux keeping our mind attached to the passing moment. In fact maximum tiniest fraction of time or whatever we conceive of it is passing without our concern and different choices arising out of mental attachment deliberately brought in by habitual thinking pattern.  When  we try to be in that illusive moment deliberately ,since  every passing  moment and every coming moment being  same in all aspect, we don’t find any difference between them and we feel we are in that present  moment.  

 What happens in such a situation and why we feel our awareness is in the present moment? We just become aware of ourselves in that flux. Flux is constant. Our state of mind is changing. We try to attaché a changing thing to a constant thing. Flux does not have objectivity or subjectivity. It is only as it is.  We become aware of that unique inexplicable characteristic of time continuum and its absolute isness and perceivable non-attachment. We directly perceive such things for the first time in ever changing environment. It empowers us to become self aware of the hidden power lying within. Becoming aware of our self is a great event. It empowers us to   embark on the path of personal creation. Since our surrounding is changing so slowly it helps create illusion of stability of continuity. 

The power we acquire in such a way with different connotations is the source of all discoveries in any field.  Without the knowledge of real dynamics being played   in this process of personal creation, we go outward and held something else responsible for inner shift of consciousness whereas only we cocreate a condition with such clarity. 

Personal Creation is the key of evolution.