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One often loses equilibrium when one's affection  is left unanswered or worse, when one's faith gets violated.  It is easy to say, "Move on, my friend!" but it is not. Letting go of an emotional association is difficult and a nearly inconceivable task.


Every time a loving relationship hits a deadlock, the best thing to do is to admit its inevitability.  


Of course, there will be shock at first. Emotional ties always put one's perspective into perpetual optimism that's why one can not ever think that a good thing could  end. 


After the feeling of disbelief follows the state of denial. One goes through a vicious circle of finding fault with oneself and with the other party for all the things that has gone wrong. One organizes ways on how to hang on and coerce things so one can salve one's ego. 


Yet, some matters will never be restored and sooner than later, one has to deal with the desolation.   All of a sudden, one becomes  solo and adjusting to this new routine could be unnerving.  If left alone without help support, some people could even slip further into self-destructive despondency. 


The mind and body can only take so much though. There will come a time where survival instinct begins to kick in. And as all matters, this particular agony will  slip away, too. Time heals all wounds. It will  not be tomorrow or following week or even next month but the hurt will go away ultimately.


 The first thing one must try to do to speed up recovery is to physically get rid of the physical presence  left by one's object of affection


During this adjustment period, it is critical that one has the support of family and friends. Leave the house, go to your job, eat, and scream if you need to, but attempt to survive one day at a time.

Before one knows it, everything is all right with the world and one is completely free once again.