The history of Dynamo Foosball Tables:

When Harold Thorton, an avid football (soccer) fan wanted to be able to play his favorite sport in a compact and convenient environment, he was inspired by laying matches across a match box. He took his idea for a table top football device, and patented the game of Foosball as we know it in the United Kingdom in 1922. A few years later, his uncle Louis Thorton brought the idea back to the united states, and filed a new patten for the game in 1927 in the United States. Today there are over 1.9 million people that play the game regularly for leisure and professionally. The game has spawned the development of leagues and tournaments, strategies and techniques. The first Foosball World Championship was held in May 1979 and welcomed the largest group of European Foosball players to the United States ever. The championship had an estimated payout of over $250,000.

Foosball Techniques and Strategies:

Like any other game or sport, great talent is a product of deliberate practice, and patience. Foosball is largely a game of precise offensive skills, however, the best players know when to be patient and play a great defense waiting for the right moment to score. The most important drills an aspiring Foosball player can practice on their Dynamo Foosball table is honing the accuracy and power behind your shots.

Fun Fact: The size and number of foosmen of a Foosball table can vary from region to region depending the style game. Most tables accommodate 2-4 players, however there is a Leonhart table located in Berlin Germany that requires 11 players per side!

The Dynamo Foosball Table

Valley-Dynamo Foosball tables are considered to be some of the highest quality Foosball tables in the industry. The tornado Foosball table line of products are built with solid wood and quality plastics, in Richland Hills Texas. There are three lines of tornado Foosball tables: Tornado Sport, Tornado Tournament, and the Tornado Elite.

Tornado SportTornado Sport Foosball Table

The Tornado sport foosball table features 1" wood construction with a beautiful mahogany melamine finish. It features replaceable sure grip handles, and like many even more expensive units has leveling feet adjustments for precise game play, as well as an end ball return.

Tornado Tournament 3000Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Built exactly like the Tornado Platinum Tour Edition coin operated Foosball table, the Tornado tournament 3000 brings you all of the ITSF certified features in a free-play home edition. Just like it's certified counter-part, the tornado tournament includes Dynamo's patented sharper cornered foosmen for greater control and accuracy. Additionally it is constructed with a stainless steel laminate for increased durability and enhanced looks.

Tornado EliteTornado Elite Foosball Table

The Tornado Elite Foosball table features 1 1/2" solid construction with Victorian cherry laminate, dual ball returns, heavy gauge rods, commercial grade leg adjustments, and Tornado's split bearing technology for increase accuracy and precision. For an enhanced look, the Tornado Elite features solid wood handles for a pleasing look and hours of comfortable gaming.