Should You Buy a AM01 or AM02?

Whether you are wanting to know which of the two Dyson Air Multipliers (AM01 and AM02) offer the best value for money and which one you should buy or are simply wanting to know the differences between them, then this is the right spot for you. The following article aims to showcase a comparison of specifications and features between the Dyson Air Multipliers -- AM01 (Desk) and that of the AM02 (Tower), and then finally determine which Air Multiplier (Dyson Bladeless Fan) offers the best value for money as well as which AM (air multiplier --fan) is best suited to you.

The AM01 -- Dyson Desk Fan (10 inch): The AM01 is simply designed to sit at your desk and keep you cool with 'no interrupted air flow' and 'buffeting' which you get with that of traditional desk bladed fans (it is also available as a 12 inch model). Not to mention it also looks pretty cool just sitting at your desk. 

The AM02 -- Dyson Tower Fan: The AM02 is also designed with the unique Dyson 'Air Multiplier' technology that allows the Tower Fan to produce a constant stream of sooth airflow across a large room/area without the need for blades. Which hence offers numerous advantages over the more traditional tower bladed fans such as being easier to clean as well as generally (and more importantly) being 'safer'.

The Differences Between the AM01 and the AM02

Air Fan Flow (Power), Oscillation and Touch Tilt

The amplification of air flow for the AM01 is up to 15 times, and the AM02 is that of up to 16 times, however bear in mind the AM02 is dealing with larger amounts of air -- hence more air is being expelled, whereas the AM01 is a more focused contraption so the initial air flow can be pretty powerful. Both rotate on a 90 degree oscillation basis, along with the AM01 being allowed to be manually 'touch-tilted' on a vertical basis about a ten degree rotation. 

Control and Settings

Both the AM01 and the AM02 have speed settings and rotating speeds that are fully variable and adjustable -- offering you precision control (not just setting 1, 2, 3 etc. like that of traditional fans) through the dimmer switch -- with the AM01 being controlled through the base and the AM02 with a remote control (as well as through the base) that is attached to the top of the cleaner through a magnetic force.

Dimensions and Specifications

The cord lengths are roughly the same, 1.8 metres for the AM01 and 2 metres for the AM02. Obviously, the AM01 being a desk fan is the smaller of the two -- Height: 49.6, Width 30.5 and Depth 15.2 cm and the AM02 -- Height 100.7 cm, Width 11cm and Depth 19 cm with a base dimension of 25 cm. Both are mobile with the AM01 weighing in at 1.82kg for the 12 inch model and the AM02 at less than 5 kg.

Should You Buy the Dyson AM01 or the AM02?

The price of the AM02 is almost double that of the AM01 at under £300, with the AM01 available from Amazon (link above) available at under £180 -- with the 12 inch model being slightly more expensive. Whether you buy the AM01 or the AM02 depends upon whether you are looking for a focused airflow to an individual (AM01) or to an entire room (AM02). In my view, the AM01 is perfect for an office and desk (e.g. home office or study area) scenario with just an individual, whereas a AM02 is more suited to larger areas for living rooms, dining areas etc. However, both are fantastic fans (air multipliers) that have numerous advantages over that of traditional bladed fans.

Which have you chosen to buy, the AM01 or the AM02? Please, let me know in the comments section below, as well as any other remarks and questions you have specifically regarding the AM01 Vs AM02 debate.