AM02 -- Tower Air Multiplier Review

The Dyson AM02 is the next step up in size from the tabletop AM01 and is aimed at customers looking to cool a medium sized living area. Dyson's Air Multiplier series can understandably seem pretty foreign to someone who hasn't been up close to one before. This article aims to get you firstly more acquainted with the Dyson Air Multiplier series and secondly  provide you hopefully with more than sufficient information to decide whether specifically the AM02 fan is the right model for you. 

Dyson AM02: Design Dyson AM02 Tower Fan(118154)Credit: -- Dyson

Like the rest of the Air Multiplier series the Dyson Tower Fan -- AM02 features a completely blade-less design. Instead of chopping and pushing the air with slightly angled blades like in traditional fans the AM02 uses the proprietary technology to pull in the air surrounding the unit. The air movement is multiplied by around 16 times during this process, which creates the feeling of blowing air (demonstrated in the Dyson AM02 Video Review below). 

It's also pretty hard to ignore the striking look this technology has. The tall slim design has a practical purpose as well -- it is very easy to just stand this fan in a corner of a room without it obstructing movement or taking up too much space. The appearance of this unit may not be for everyone but it certainly does look modern and interesting. If nothing else, it will certainly act as a great conversation piece at dinner parties. 

Dyson AM02: Noise

A pretty huge benefit of the Air Multiplier technology is that it is extremely quiet. Where there exists almost no mechanical movement within the fan and as there are no blades 'chopping' the air -- hence there is no buffeting wind noise. Although you can hear the motor at work as a soft white noise, though this is more a by-product of the overall quietness of the machine as the same would be the case with traditional fans if the wind noise weren't present. 

                                          Dyson AM02: Airflow

Under the noise section we mentioned the lack of a sound of buffeting air in the AM02, this is also a big deal in the quality of the actual airflow you will get. Traditional bladed fans blow the air in sharp waves, which can become unpleasant over time - especially when directed at your face. However, the AM02 moves the air without this buffeting -- which then means you get a smooth and constant flow of air. For long periods of use this is much more comfortable and can prevent common fan-related issues such as sore and dry eyes.

In terms of power the Dyson AM01 was a bit lacking (this being said the AM01 is intended for a slighty different purpose), however this is not the case with the AM02. This is a much larger unit than the AM01 standing 39.7-inches (101cm) and it is significantly more powerful as a result. The AM02 puts out a strong enough flow of air to cool a medium-sized room such as a lounge room with ease. 

Dyson AM02: Safety

You will find that most modern fans feature a cover or cage in order to protect people (particularly children) from the spinning blades but with the AM02 this is obviously not necessary. No moving parts means no chances of injury. If safety is your prime concern then this fan is, without question, one of the (if not the) safest fans on the market. 

Dyson AM02: Convenience and Cleaning

The same lack of moving blades that makes this fan safe also makes it extremely easy to clean. You have basically two surfaces that need dusting, the inside of the circular section and the top section. Both of these can easily be cleaned in one or two wipes with a slightly dampened cloth. However, when cleaning your traditional caged fan -- it can obviously get fairly difficult and time consuming.

Dyson AM02: Build Quality

Dyson is well known for their high product standards and their quality controls don't let much through. However, Dyson are also fans (no pun intended) of using softer plastics in their products and these can become scratched during assembly or shipping. All fans in the Air Multiplier range are covered by a two-year warranty and returns are accepted for major aesthetic damage on new products. The Dyson AM series has only been around a few years but if the company's vacuum cleaners and AirBlades are anything to judge from then the AM fans should last a long time.

Dyson AM02 Video Review

Dyson AM02: Customer Reviews and Opinions 

An analysis of the features and build quality is all well and good but an informed decision about a more expensive product can only really be made when reviews from regular customers are also taken into account. Here is the good and the bad of what customers have to say about the Dyson AM02.

-- Consistent With Dyson's Other Products - It's hard to doubt that Dyson has a strong brand name and multiple customer reviews mention that the AM02 lives up to this brand name. This is a reassuring sign as a bad product from a well known brand can evoke a lot of anger from customers as it can be considered a betrayal of customer trust.

-- Pricey But Worth It - The AM02 and a lot of the other AM fans are definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum in home cooling. However, although many customers note this in their reviews they also mention just as frequently that the price is warranted by the quality.

-- Overall Customer Rating on Amazon - 4 out of 5 stars over more than 40 reviews. Many of the reviews feature comments such as "This 'fan' (Air Multiplier) is fantastic." highlighting many of the positive aspects it offers -- "virtually silent", "moves air around the room as least twice as much as an ordinary fan" and "its bladelessness is a conversation starter". The more critical reviews only really tend to highlight that these positives factors simply weren't occuring for them -- yet obviously majority disagree. Hence, I would advise you buy it, test it out for a few days or so, if you like it then keep it (which I'm pretty certain you will), and if you don't simply return it, no harm done.

Finding the AM02 Best Price - Obviously, the AM02 is pretty expensive (Dyson currently Retail it at the $450 mark) but if you were to conduct a bit of online bargain hunting you may find it for a fair bit cheaper. E.g. Check out they often hold good discounts on the Air Multiplier range.

Final Recommendations

If you are looking for a cheap but powerful fan then your needs will be better met by a traditional, bladed pedestal fan. If, however, you have a decent budget and are looking for a high-quality powerful fan that is both safe, easy to clean and provides you with a quality air flow then this -- the AM02 Tower fan is one of the best choices on the market.

If you have any questions, concerns or remarks regarding either the Dyson AM02 (Tower Fan) review or about the AM02 specifcally (e.g. the technical aspects, how the AM02 works? etc.) then please be sure to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.