Should You Buy a AM02 or AM03?

If you are interested in either buying the AM02 or the AM03 and don't know which one to opt for, or you are simply trying to find out the differences between them (and which model type offers better value for money) then you are in the right place. Below, you will find a step by step  breakdown analysis comparing the specifications of the AM02 with that of the AM03, along with a final conclusion as to which is the best Dyson Air Multiplier to suit your needs and preferences.

The Dyson AM02 Air Multiplier Tower Fan : The Air Multiplier AM02 is designed as a tower fan that operates through the unique Dyson 'Air Multiplier' technology allowing the air to be drawn in around it and amplified through as a smooth passage of airflow without the need of blades like many traditional fans. Hence, offers numerous advantages such as being quieter, safer and easier to clean than that of traditional bladed fans.

The Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan : Like the AM02, the AM03 is also a bladeless fan that uses the Dyson 'Air Multiplier' Technology however is designed as a pedestal fan -- allowing for a more focused air flow. It allows air to be drawn in around it (using a combination of technology from turbochargers and jet engines) to produce a smooth passage of airflow, not choppy like that of a traditional bladed fan.

The Differences Between the AM02 and AM03

Dyson AM03 Pedestal FanCredit: -- DysonAir Fan Flow (Power) & Oscillation & Touch Tilt

The AM03 works through drawing in 8.71 gallons of air per second over a 7 degree airfoil-shaped ramp channeling its direction, moreover it draws in surrounding air and amplifies it by up to 18 times through the process of entrainment. The AM02 works in a similar manner drawing in 9.51 gallons of air per second over a 7 degree airfoil shaped ramp to channel the direction, whilst drawing in surrounding air and amplifying it by up to 14 times.

Overall, the AM03 can offer you a more concentrated air flow, whereas the AM02 is more aimed at spreading smooth cool air over a larger area. Both models offer the oscillation  on a 90 degree basis for the AM02, -- moreover the AM03 does have the ability to do the full 360 degree turning circle also. The AM03 can also perform a tiliting mechanism for an aimed vertical point on a 20 degree basis through manual means.

Control & Settings

Both can be remotely controlled (which is magnetically held in place at the top of both fans) in terms of the airflow and oscillation speed etc. The speed settings ( of air flow and oscillation) are fully variable on both models.

Dyson AM02 Tower Fan(118154)Credit: -- DysonSize & Weight & Specifications

The cord length of the two fans are the same at 2 metres.

The AM02 is the larger of the two fans, measuring in height at 100.7 cm, in width at 11cm, and in depth 19 cm, whereas the AM03 measures in height at 118.8 cm, however can be extended to 140.8 cm (roughly 9 inches). Moreover, the AM03 measures in width at 10.7 cm and in depth at 45cm.

The base dimensions are fairly similar, 28 cm for the AM03 and 25cm for the AM02. 

They are also fair similar in weight, where the AM03 weighs in at 13 pounds, and the AM02 weights in at 12.8 pounds -- both being rather light and hence mobile.

Should You Buy the AM02 or the AM03?

Both are great Dyson Air Multipliers, that are aimed to serve slightly different purposes. The AM02 is more suited to a living room type area, to spread a cold airflow evenly across a large room, whereas the AM03 is a more concentrated air flow model, which is literally perfect for the bedroom for when it simply gets too hot at night (however, both could do each other's purpose more than adequately). Which one have you chosen to buy (or even both), and why? Tell me below in the comments box and if you have any questions or general remarks regarding the AM02 vs AM03 debate, also be sure to make them in the comments box below.