Should I Buy a AM02 or AM04?

If you are contemplating as to whether to buy the Dyson AM02 (air multiplier tower fan) or the Dyson AM04 (heat and cool fan heater), or are simply wanting to know the differences between them, then you are in the right place. Below, you will find a breakdown analysis comparing the specifications and features of both the AM02 with that of the AM04 and then go on to finally conclude as to which Dyson air multiplier most suits your needs and preferences.

Dyson AM02 Tower Fan(118154)Credit: -- DysonThe Dyson AM02 Air Multiplier Tower Fan 

The AM02 encompasses unique Dyson 'Air Multiplier' technology that allows the fan to draw in around 9.5 gallons of air per second in order to produce a smooth passage of airflow without the need for blades, hence allowing it to be a lot easier to clean and safer than that of traditional 'bladed' fans. From the remote control provided you are enabled with 'precision control' from that of the oscillation as well as the actual (dimming capability) power of the fan. 

For a more detailed review and explanation of the AM02 -- please click here.

The Dyson AM04 Hot+ Cool Fan Heater 

The AM04 again encompasses the Dyson 'Air Multiplier technology that allows the fan to draw in around 5.29 gallons of air per second and produces a smooth airflow for the user. Moreover, it is also provided with a remote control and access to controlling oscillation as well as the actual power of the fan. 

The major distinguishing factor despite size is that the  AM04 also has the ability to also be a long range heating mechanism (through the unique Dyson Hot technology) that distributes heat across the room evenly unlike that of 'choppy' bladed fan heaters -- with the temperature being controlled through the remote control. It also has the ability to pivot on a 10 degree basis, for vertical direction practises.

The Differences Between the AM02 and AM04

Air Fan Flow (Power) & Oscillation & Touch Tilt

The AM02 is built specifically as a fan and is also considerably larger than that of the AM04 (meant primarily for desks), allowing it to gather almost double the (9.51) gallons of air per second, which passes over a 7 degree airfoil-shaped ramp, along with being able to amplify the air around by up to more than double that of the AM04 --14 times. The AMo4 can effectively carry out the same task as the AM02 -- however simply not to the same degree, with a gathering potential of 5.29 gallons and an amplification of 6 times. Moreover, the AM02 also rotates on a greater turning circle of 90 degrees, where as the AM04 on a turning rotation of just 70 degrees. However, the AM04 has the capability of being directed vertically through by 10 degrees with the touch tilt mechanism -- there is no real need for such a feature with the AM02 however.

Control & Settings

Both are controlled through the base and remotely, allowing you to alter oscillation and fan power. Moreover, the settings differ with regards to the speed of the airflow of the fan where the AM02 offers you a 'fully variable' composition, the AM04 offers you just 10 specific speeds. You are enabled to control temperature of the AM04 to the degree ranging from 1 to 37, which is visible via a digital display mechanism.

Dyson AM04 Heater and FanCredit: -- DysonSize & Weight & Specifications

The cord length of the AM02 is slightly longer than that of the AM04 with 2 metres and 1.8 metres respectively. Moreover, the size of the AM02 is a far bit larger than the AM04, measuring in height at 100.7 cm, in width 11 cm and in depth 19 cm. The AM04 measures in height at 57.9 cm, 15.3 cm in width and 20 cm in depth. The AM02 is also the heavier of the two at 12.8 pounds, and the AM04 at just 6 pounds.

Should you buy the AM02 or the AM04?

If you are primarily just looking for a 'tower' fan that can sit in the corner do the job and like the advantages that Dyson fans can offer through being bladeless (e.g. easier to clean, safer etc.) then the AM02 is for you. However, I do believe the AM04 does offer you a bit more for your money (with the price roughly being the same for both) doubling up as not just a fan (although not as effective as the AM02) that can neatly sit on your desk but it also doubles up as a unique heat distributing machine. Which one have you chosen to buy, and why? Tell me below in the comments box and if you have any questions or general remarks regarding the AM02 vs AM04 debate, also be sure to make them in the comments box below.