Should I Buy a AM02 or AM05?

If you are interested in getting a Dyson air mulitplier fan & are debating whether to get yourself an AM02 (tower fan) or the updated AM05 (fan + heater) -- but are unsure on which to go for? Then this comparison guide should be able to seriously help you out. Below, we will highlight both the Dyson fan differences (as well as some commonalities) amongst features & specifications -- and ultimately demonstrating what each model can offer you and which offers the best value respective to their price tag.

Firslty, a brief overview of each fan:

The Dyson AM02 Tower Air Multiplier Fan: is essentially made for keeping large rooms cool with a constant smooth air-flow (not the irritating choppy air flow a bladed fan provides) -- through drawing in approximately 9.5 gallons of air per second & projecting it across the room on an oscillation turn without the use of visible blades. Through either the base of the AM02 or through the remote control you have access to all its settings  such as temperature precision control, speed of oscillation as well as the dimming capability. For exclusive details & general review of the AM02 -- please click here.

The Dyson AM05 (Hot & Cool) Fan + Heater: this model is engineered for both use as a fan (for personal use in summer) as well as a heater (for full room heating in winter) -- where through Dyson's Air Multiplier Technology it can draw up to 6 gallons of air per second being either focused directly at you for cooling and as a heater it is the "fastest even room heating distribution system" on the market. Like the AM02 you are given a magnetic control -- to control precisely what settings you are after i.e temprature, oscillation speed etc. See the AM05 compared with its predecessor the AM04 & for more in-depth details here.

Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, Blue
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(price as of Dec 25, 2016)

The Differences Between the AM02 and AM05

Now each model's 'intended use' has been explained -- we can take a look at their specifications & features.

Air Fan Flow (Power) & Oscillation & Touch TiltDyson AM02 Tower Fan(118154)Credit: -- Dyson

As the AM02 has been designed solely as a fan (as well as being a large tower one at that -- whereas the AM05 as a fan is comparable to the AM01 in the respect that it would be used more as a desk fan) means it can gather a greater amount of air per second (9.51) which then passes over its 7 degree air-foil ramp & amplify it by up to 14 times (so it is pretty powerful, attested by the multiple postive reviews). Whereas the AM05 by comparison can just draw in 6 gallons of air per second & amplify it by more than 6 times (which as a table fan is certainly more than sufficient). 

With regards to oscillation the AM02 marginally out performs the AM05 by a mere 10 degrees (with a 90 degree turning point to the former and hence a 80 degree swivel rotation for the hot+ cool Mark II). The AM05 also comes with a touch tilting mechanism (obviously the AM02 being a tower fan for entire room use doesn't posses such a feature) allowing you to project the air flow at the ideal angle (10 degrees either way).

Moreover, it is worth mentioning the AM05 as a heater doesn't produce the burning smell you get with standard heaters (due to the mechanics never reaching past the "dust burning point" approximately 752°F, whereas the AM05's mechanics temp is always within 392°F) & is also fitted with the safety feature of automatically cutting out when  toppled over.

Control & Settings

Each fan can be operated via remote control (that is magnetic, so can sit neatly on top of the fans) as well as be operated through the base (with LED indicators stating what setting you are adjusting it to etc.). The velocity settings somewhat differ with the AM05 you are a set to a fixed amount of 10 speeds, whereas with the AM02 it is fully adjustable. With temperature on the AM05 you can adjust it to the degree (celsius) on a range from 1 to 37 (again displayed through the digital LED display).

Design, Size, Weight & Dimensions

Both models share a similar sleek & modern looking design - where the AM02 is available in silver & blue (I definitely prefer the look of the former) & the AM05 in Nickel, Nickel & Black as well as blue. The cord length is pretty similar with the AM02's being 2 metres & the AM05 slightly shorter at 1.8 metres (note they are a grey colour, regardless of the colour design you buy the Air Multiplier in). As the AM02 is a tower fan it is obviously substantially larger (with dimensions: height - 100.7 cm x width - 11 cm x depth - 19 cm) than the AM05, which is almost half the size (with dimensions: height - 57.9 cm x width - 15.3 cm x depth - 20 cm) as well as being heavier (AM02 weight: 12.8 pounds & AM05 weight: 6 pounds). 

Dyson AM02 tower fan, Silver
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(price as of Dec 25, 2016)

Should You Buy the AM02 or AM05?

Each fan is intended for a different cooling (& heating) task, so if you are after a whole room cooling either in the dining room or living room etc. the AM02 is obviously the clear option to go for. However, if you are after a fan that you want to use for personal use in the summer and heater for the whole room in winter (such as home office/study type set up) then clearly the AM05 is the model to go for. So it could well be the case that you might need to go for both.

But which model will you choose? Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the comparison article of the AM02 Vs AM05 or about either model specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.