Dyson AM03 -- Pedestal Air Multiplier Review

The Dyson 'AM03' is the pedestal style fan in the popular Dyson Air Multiplier (AM) series. The AM series have almost become a sort of 'signature' technology for Dyson along with their vacuum cleaners and AirBlade hand dryers. However, does the AM03 pedestal fan live up to the brand's high expectations? In this article we look to answer this question, firstly with a rather objective review of the AM03's features and performance and then secondly a review based on a 'human perspective' i.e go on to take a look at what other users thought of it.

Dyson AM03 Pedestal FanCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonIts Ease of Use

The Dyson AM03 pedestal fan comes with a magnetic remote control that sticks to the fan unit for easy storage (pretty smart). The remote itself is pretty simple to to use with three large buttons -- one to turn the device either 'on' or 'off', another to adjust the movement of the fan and another that adjusts the volume of air. The 'tilt' and height of the fan section is easy to adjust, as it can simply be done by hand and doesn't require unscrewing or any tools. 


The Dyson AM03 pedestal fan is the only fan in this series that actually looks fairly similar to  that of your traditional fan -- with a single pedestal and a circular top section. However, the AM03 still has that signature blade-less design and, as a result, it still looks like a device from the future. Like all fans in the Dyson AM range this is a very impressive looking piece of technology and is pretty much guaranteed to be a great conversation starter.


The design anf functionality of the AM03 makes it incredibly easy to clean. No blades and no cage means nothing to unscrew and no difficult to reach sections to clean. A simple cloth or feather duster can be run over and inside the fan section in less than ten seconds and the job is done, saving you both time and effort when compared to that of your traditional fan. 


No blades and no exposed moving parts means nothing to chop or pinch the fingers of small children. There is also no risk of hair or clothing becoming caught -- making this one of the safest fans you can possibly buy. 

Air Quality and Volume

Compared to the other Dyson's Air Multiplier fans, the AM03  delivers the highest amount of airflow and velocity -- hence capable for providing cool air from a large room to a small concentrated area -- putting out a good volume of air and at a decent speed, even at a low setting. However, it's not quite as powerful as some similarly-sized bladed fans.

Again this being said, the AM03 really shines when it comes to the overall quality of the air being moved. Where no blades means neither chopping and buffeting, which in turn means that you get a smooth and comfortable flow of air. Oftentimes the uncomfortable dryness of eyes and headaches can be caused by the buffeting of traditional fans and the Air Multiplier series does away with this issue completely. If you like to sleep, read or use a computer with a fan blowing on you then the AM03 makes for a much more comfortable experience.


Where the AM03 really falls down is in the noise it produces. A lot of the smaller Air Multiplier fans are very quiet since they have no major moving parts. The motor in the AM03 can get very loud on the higher settings and this will bother a lot of customers. This one point could be the real deal breaker for the AM03, though it depends on whether the other benefits outweigh the additional noise (you can get a rough idea of the noise levels in the video Am03 review just below of the AM in action).

Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan Video Review

Dyson AM03: Customer Opinions and Reviews

No assessment of a product is complete without taking a look at the reviews of customers who purchased and extensively used a product. So how does the Dyson AMo3 stack up in the eyes of the consumers? Despite the noise issues mentioned it actually reviews quite well

Good Looking and Easy to Assemble - These were both pretty common sentiments and were mentioned in multiple reviews. Everything just slots into place and the control and height adjustments are both very user-friendly.

Expensive - It's hard to deny that the price tag, like the design, is out of this world. These are designer products featuring brand new air manipulation technology and the price tag certainly reflects this with most AM fans being two or three times the price of traditional models. 

Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan - Side ViewCredit: Amazon.com -- DysonFinding the Best Price for the Dyson AM03As just stated although the price tag for a brand new AM03 is expensive -- fetching for around $450 (as of Christmas 2012), but don't just take this as a given -- you should defintiely do some online bargain hunting to see if you can find the AM03 for a better price.

E.g. If you check Amazon.com for the AM03 you will find that they are usually retailing it at a discounted price from the RRP anyway -- as well as providing free delivery, incl. the standard 2 year warranty. Moreover ,you can check for independent retailers selling the AM03 as well (both 'new' and 'used' models).

White Noise - Although there is no wind noise and choppiness the motor does put out a noticeable white noise. Some customers were bothered by this and others weren't. It's hard to know whether this will be an issue for you or not so the best thing you can do is to find a store with an AM03 on display so that you can listen for yourself.

Overall Recommendations for the Dyson AM03

If you want an incredibly good-looking, safe and easy to clean fan that puts out a smooth quality flow of air (and you aren't afraid to pay for it) then buying the AM03 is a great choice (even just to try out on a trial period).

However, this product is not for everyone and if you are looking for a better value pedestal fan then you will likely be better served by a traditional bladed fan. The price tag is simply not justified by what the product actually achieves and the noise produced by the motor is simply too loud for such a premium product. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns either regarding the 'Dyson AM03 Review' or about the AM03 specifically (e.g. in terms of technical aspects, features etc.) then please do not hestitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.