Should I Buy a AM03 or AM08?

Are you interested in investing in a Dyson pedestal bladeless fan to keep you cool whilst you are trying to get to sleep, but know the differences between the Dyson AM03 and AM08 and which would be the better all-round investment? If so, this comparison article will be able to help you out. Below, we pin point all the significant features and aspects of both the AM03 & AM08 and then highlight were the improvements have been made with the AM08 and whether or not it is worth the extra money.

Summary of the Significant Differences Between the Dyson AM03 and AM08

  • The AM08 is capable of producing a more powerful air-flow than the AM03.
  • Dyson's AM08 is also quieter in operation than its predecessor, the AM03.
  • The AM08 also comes with a unique 'sleep feature' program.
  • Moreover, the AM08 also has the potential to be a 'better' money saver.

Find out more, in the details below.

Air Flow Velocity Power & Oscillation

Both the pedestal fans are designed to provide quick & effective cooling providing a powerful yet smoothing (no buffeting, like you get with bladed fans) air flow. However, there have been some updates in this regard. They both still utilize the air multiplier technology, which uses the process of inducement to draw in around nine gallons of air per second and then the AM03 will project this up to 18 times, the AM08 however can project it even more so by around 20 times. This makes the AM08 essentially the best Dyson air multiplier for cooling, producing the strongest airflow.

They still operate on the same base and oscillation of 90 degrees and are adjustable through the head to tilt up and down. Moreover, the pole's height is adjustable too. These are the perfect Dyson air multipliers (especially the AM08) to have in the bedroom for when it gets too hot to sleep at night.

Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan, Silver
Amazon Price: $449.00 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 13, 2015)

The AM08 is 35% Quieter

A constant issue with the previous generation of Dyson air multiplier was although they worked very well at producing a refreshing smooth & constant cooling airflow -- they weren't exactly quiet. But, it is somewhat of a trade-off with most fans, you get either a powerful airflow but it will get noisy or a silent one but it doesn't really give you anything with regards to cooling. However, through some awesome Dyson acoustic engineering an technical triumphs (mainly through the creation of an effective helmholtz cavity) the AM08 updated bladeless pedestal fan is now 35% quieter than its predecessor, the AM03. A significant benefit.

Control & Settings

In terms of the control and settings aspect, everything remains pretty much the same with 10 set air flow setting levels to get your desired airflow velocity -- to get it to just the right amount of cool air flow you are after. They both come with the innovative curved magnetic remote control where you can change the airflow and oscillation (without ever having to get out of bed) and it fits neatly on top of the AM03 or AM08.

However, what gives the AM08 a slight edge in this regard (and even more the reason for it to be your bedroom fan) is that it has a sleeper timer setting where you can program a set period between 15 minutes and  nine hours (with intervals) for when it is to operate & when it is to turn itself off. A really useful feature for those who are trying to get to sleep -- for instance, you can set it for 3 hours but you get to sleep within 2 hours -- the AM03 would be running all night (wasting energy) whereas the AM08 will save 5 hours of energy consumption.

Greater Energy Efficiency Use With the AM08

This added feature also tides in nicely with the fact that the AM08 being more energy efficient by 15%. Where despite it being more powerful, the re-configured aerodynamic diffuser has allowed for the AM08 to be even more efficient. This also works to give you a better chance at saving money -- because previously the AM03 was claimed to help you reduce power bills by around 20 percent when you used it appropriately in conjunction with your air conditioning unit. Therefore, as the AM08 is even more powerful and consumes less power, you have an even better chance to save more money through it.

Dimensions & Specifications

In this regard they are largely the same still with a max height of 140.8 cm and weighing around 4 kg (the base plate is also similar at around 28 cm in diameter). They take in the exact same bladeless design that offers not only a modern contemporary design (for something that should be quite boring) but a practical one too, where it is safe to be used around kids (given there are no spinning blades) but also the fact it is incredibly easy to clean (due to the absence of a grill). The only color available is silver.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan (6.6 x 23.1 x 21.1 inches)
Amazon Price: $449.99 $386.87 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 13, 2015)

Moreover, when you buy either the AM03 or AM08 pedestal bladeless Dyson fan you are backed by a whole two year coverage warranty program that ensures that if any faults were to occur during that period, all costs (labor, parts etc.) would be taken care of by Dyson.

Through this contrasting account hopefully you have a got a better insight as to exactly what is the difference between the Dyson AM03 and AM08 and exactly which is the better. But, if you do have any questions, issues or just general comments to make regarding the comparison overview of the Dyson AM03 Vs AM08 then please make them in the comments section that you will find just below the fold and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.