Dyson AM04 -- 'Heater and Fan' Review

The Dyson AM04, or also commonly referred to as the 'Dyson Hot', is the next step in the Dyson Air Multiplier range of fans and it offers one distinct feature that really sets it apart - 'heating'. Not only is the AM04 a blade-less fan but it can also act as a heater that blows smooth air around the room using the same Air Multiplier technology that the company is now rather well known for. In this article we take a look at the features and build quality of the Dyson AM04 'fan' and 'heater' and we also take a look at what some other customers are saying about it and their own distinct views -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Key Features and Ease of UseDyson AM04 Hot Fan Heater with Air Multiplier TechnologyCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- Dyson

The cooling features of the Dyson AM04 Heater are pretty comparable to the AM02 and this is made obvious by the similar shape and design elements. However, the AM04 also features ceramic heating stones along the Air Multiplier surface, which heat up in a similar fashion to ceramic hair tong straighteners. As the AM04 passes air over the inner section it is heated up and then mixed with the cool air being pulled in from behind the unit. The heated air is then sent in the direction the fan is facing in just the same way as cool air is blown by the earlier Air Multiplier fans.

Unlike many conventional fan heaters the AM04 features a digital thermostat that allows you to select the 'exact' temperature (to a single degree) that you want to heat to, ranging from 1°C to 37°C . The fan also has ten speeds so that you can fine tune the speed of the air. It should be noted that the heating elements are always the same temperature, the target temperature is achieved through an automatic shutoff feature once the thermostat detects the room has reached the desired temperature. To make things a bit more convenient all of these features can be controlled via both a control panel based on the unit and through a magnetic remote control, which can simply be stuck (through magnetism) to the top of the unit when it's not needed.

Aesthetics and Cleaning

The entire Air Multiplier range is undoubtedly unique looking and eye-catching. Therefore, personal preference is a large factor because of this, some people will love the space-age look (I know I do) and understandably other people will find it jarring. The good news is that the slim profile of the AM04 means it can easily be stood in the corner of a room without taking up too much space. The smooth and simple profile of the AM04 (and indeed the entire AM series) has one other benefit, it is incredibly easy to clean. A simple wipe over with a cloth is all that is needed, there are no cages to unscrew and now fan blades to clean.


Safety has been a huge feature benefit of the AM series and the AM04 also has this as a core element. There are no blades to cause injury and the unit is very well balanced to prevent it from falling over. The AM04 goes one step further and even has an automatic shutoff feature for if the unit is knocked over, which is a must-have feature for a heater like this. However, the ceramic heating interior can get quite hot, therefore presenting the potential for mild burns if a child were to grab a hold of it. Thankfully, this can be avoided by placing the unit on a high cabinet out of reach (for which convinently it is the perfect size for).

Air Quality and Heating/Cooling Effectiveness

The airflow of the AM04 is extremely smooth when compared to the buffeting wind of your traditional bladed fans. This means you get a smooth and constant flow of warm or cool air at both the AM04's minimum and maximum fan speeds. This being said, even at maximum speed this fan is not going to blow as fast as a traditional powerful bladed fan. For a larger room this can be a significant drawback. However, in a smaller room the quality of the airflow means that you can have it pointing directly on your face from a close distance without causing any discomfort, that you experience with a buffeting and jagged airflow.

Customer Reviews and Opinions

No professional review of a product like this is complete without also taking a look at the opinions of average customers who have purchased and used it. Customer reviews are quite mixed with some customers hating it and others absolutely loving it. It's quite rare to see such a divisive product from such a popular brand. To get a general picture of why this is the case we will take a look at what either side had to say.

From Those Who Loved the AM04 - The common sentiments from this group were that although the AM04 is relatively expensive it is absolutely worth it for the quality and functionality. Many were impressed with how well it heated their living and bedrooms, despite being quite small in size. The simplicity of the controls and the functionality of the remote were also quite popular.

From those Who Disliked the AM04 - Most of the customers on the other side of the fence focused their dislike on the price compared to what the product actually does. A common complaint was that the same level of heating and cooling could be achieved by a product that costs just one third of the price. In nearly all cases the price created an expectation that the product simply could not meet for them.

Overall Recommendations

In my view -- if you are after a fan and heater combo that offers a unique look, smooth airflow, space conscious and high levels of safety then the Dyson AM04 is the right fan for you - provided you don't mind paying a premium for such things. If, however, you are after a cheap and effective heating and cooling device then a much simpler bladed fan might be a better suited option. If you are still a bit on the fence, why not just buy one and simply give it a test run (or borrow a friends) and if you don't feel its up to scratch, you can just return it, no harm done.

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