Should I Buy a AM04 or AM05?

In this brief review account we take a look at the new edition of the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan AM05 and specifically compare it to essentially its predecessor the original Dyson AM04 -- highlighting and comparing both their differences, similarities and general improvements within the given specifications and features. Then going on to ultimately decide firstly which of the two fans is better in terms of performance and then secondly and most importantly which of the two Dyson Air multipliers offers you the most value relative to its price tag.

The Dyson AM04 'Hot + Cool Fan Heater'

Essentially this device has the dual purpose of being both a fan as well as a heater. In regards to its fan mechanism; the AM04 encompasses the unique Dyson Air multiplier technology that allows it to draw in approximately 5.3 gallons of air per second which is then in turn produced as powerful smooth airflow towards the user. In terms of heating it again uses the same Air Multiplier technology to produce a long range heated mechanism in conjunction with the 'Dyson Hot' technology, distributing across the room 'evenly' with the temperature being held constant.

In all, the AM04 was claimed to work effectively as a heater however in terms of being a fan it held to be all that great (for a more detailed review and analysis of the Dyson AM04 please click here and check out the reviews also)

Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater/Table Fan, Blue
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(price as of Mar 3, 2014)

The Dyson AM05 'Hot + Cool Fan Heater'

As we know from above the AM05 is simply an updated version of the AM04 so the primary features and concepts of the AM04 of course remain i.e in terms of a fan it is meant for personal cooling use (in this regard it is non intended for and is not sufficiently powerful for full room cooling such as the AM02) but as a heater is designed for the full room heating experience due to the long range heat projection mechanism. Primarily utilizing the same air multiplier technology used throughout the Dyson range as well as being able to double-up as a heater. However, Dyson have taken these features and overall model and attempted improved on them as can be seen in detail within the next section.

Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, Blue
Amazon Price: $399.00 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Mar 3, 2014)

Differences Between the AM04 and AM05

Air Fan Flow (Power) & Oscillation & Tilt

This is where the first distinction can already be highlighted: the AM05 is said to draw in up to 6 gallons of air per second (compared to the aforementioned AM04's 5.3 gallons around a 0.7 gallon of air per second difference) that then has the potential to project towards you a higher velocity of smooth cool airflow i.e a better 'fan'. Moreover, in regards to heating this improvement has allowed Dyson claim the AM05 to be 'the' fastest whole room heater come winter time.

Secondly the oscillation of the heater + fan has been improved. The turning rotation of the AM04 was stated to be approximately 70 degrees but with the new AM05 it can now turn upon an 80 degrees rotation. Moreover, the AM05 still features the 'touch tilt' feature that the AM04 possessed in order for the air flow to be projected at the desired angle (as seen in the video Am05 summary video below).


Like its predecessor if tipped over the AM05 automatically cuts out and due to their being no spinning blades there is no need for a safety grille i.e the AM04 and AM05 remains as one of the safest fan/heaters on the market. Moreover, due to the heating components never exceeding 395 degrees farenheit (whereas standard models often exhibit to more than 750 degrees) means rarely do any dust particles get burnt therefore being free of the worrying burning smell that other heater brands often exhibit when in operation.

Control & Settings

Like that of the AM04, the AM05 allows for precision control either through the base of the AM04 or the AM05 or via remote control with regards to the (farenheit) degree of cooling air flow within 10 given settings produced as well as temperature to the degree. All of which is systemized through the same digital LED display and are again offered the same heating range of 1 to 37 degrees celsius which is aided by the 'intelligent thermometer' to maintain the room at the specified temperature; systematically adjusting its heating levels.

Design & Size & Weight & Specifications

As seen from the images, there is no real difference in its already slick and modern looking design, the AM04 is also available in silver and the AM05 comes in black/nickel (with additional colours and looks available also -- note the cord colour to be white/silver however). The cord length of both the AM04 and AM05 are at the same length of 1.8 metres. Furthermore, they are also identical in dimensions: Height - 57.9 cm, Width: 15.3 cm, Depth: 20.0 cm. There is however a slight difference in weight with the AM04 weighing in at 6 pounds whereas the AM05 comes in at a bit lighter with 5.2 pounds. So in this regard in terms of the actual framework there is no real significant difference to be had. Moreover, both are backed by the same 2 year warranty guarantee which includes parts and labour.

Should you Buy the AM04 or the AM05?

As can be seen the AM05 has obviously made some progress in becoming a better fan + heater (especially in regards to the former) but there are no real significant improvements that can be boasted. In reality I believe it is just a slight improvement to that of the AM04 i.e now it is still good as a heater and an overall better fan but it is then up to you to determine whether the slight improvements and bettered features are worth the approximate difference of $80 to $100 (depending on the finishing design and look) between the two? 

Currently, I think not and would opt for the AM04 simply because I don't believe the extra money holds value with respect to what I am getting. However, given time I believe either Dyson may try to phase the AM04 out or they will slowly converge downwards in price -- Amazon already has their initial price listed both at $399.00. This being said both are extremely useful devices, granted they are expensive, but many of those who have actually bought either the AM04 or AM05 and used for its intended purpose (e.g. used within a standard sized office) are more often than not extremely satisfied with the results.

It will be interesting to know which one you opt for and why please let me know in the comments section below, especially if you can argue differently. Furthermore, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about either the comparison article Dyson AM04 Vs AM05 or the specifics of either the Dyson AM04 or the Dyson AM05 please don't hesitate to make them below.

Dyson AM05 Video Summary