DC44 Animal Attachements

The following article will briefly talk you through the attachments and accessories (what they do, how they work etc.) that come in the Dyson DC44 Animal package (i.e what's in the box?) -- along with what other additional tools & equipment that you can buy which are attachable to or can be used with the DC44 Animal,  in order to benefit from an even better cleaning range.

What Comes with the DC44 Animal?

Combination Tool (Price - $8.99): The attachment is an attachable nozzle that can be both used as a focused suction of debris as well as being able convert to that of a brush tool ( through sliding it forward) for it to vacuum dust.

Crevice Tool (Price - $8.99): A simple sturdy attachment that acts as a nozzle in order to allow the user to clean in between awkward gaps (e.g. in between furniture) and hard to get to areas & places.

(Updated) Motorised Floor Tool (Price - $111.99): Has been designed for vacuuming a range of floor surfaces -- with fine 'carbon filaments' to remove finer dust from hard flooring and nylon bristles to remove debris from soft flooring. Moreover, as a result of the update -- it is now a 100% more powerful than its predecessor, hence being able to drive the bristles even harder into the flooring.

(New) Mini Motorised Tool (Price -Unknown 03/09/2012): Specifically designed for pet hair -- is the new motorised tool that has come with increased power for the more difficult tasks (pet hair and stains etc.) of confined spaces.

Moreover, the DC44 comes with a wall mounted docking station as well as the blue attachable wand.

What Additional Accessories Can You Buy for the DC44 Animal?

Flexi-Crevice Tool (Price - $29.99): Primarily designed in order to get into awkward gaps and difficult to-get-to places, such as under the radiator -- integrated with a flexible bend with tough nylon bristles in order dislodge stubborn stains and dirt. 

Soft Dusting Brush (Price - $29.99): the highly rated 4-star duster is specifically designed (e.g. nylon bristles angled perfectly at a right-angle 45 degree to allow dust into the airflow, and front bristles being wider spaced in order from getting stuck to upholstery etc.) to carefully removes dust & allergens from delicate and fragile areas.

Mattress Tool (Price - $29.99): attaching to the wand, the mattress tool made from tough durable polypropylene, the DC44 is perfectly suited and designed (e.g. angled at 45 degrees to distribute suction power across the tool, hence making it easier to move along the mattress)  for removing debris etc. from a mattress and pillows etc.

Stubborn Dirt Bristle Brush (Price - $19.99): the 4.5 star bristle brush presents itself as one of Dyson's most useful DC44 Animal attachments -- attached with 'extra' tough nylon bristles, it works to remove stains and work the dirt loose & popping them up through to the airflow suction.

Up Top Tool (Price -$34.99): the Up Top tool -- like the crevice tool it attached to the wand and is designed for the more difficult cleaning places (e.g. cupboard tops and lampshades etc.)to clean dust from etc.

Wide Nozzle Tool (Price - $29.99): Simply allows the vacuum to cover a large area whether it be the floor or furniture, due to the larger surface area that it can cover.

Extension Hose (Price - $19.99): the extension hose to allow a user to reach difficult areas -- simply adds a bit of extra length to the DC44 Animal.

If you have any questions, remarks or experiences you wish to share regarding the Accessories for the DC44 Animal, then please feel free to make them in the comments section below.