Dyson Hard-Floor Tool

The following article comes in essentially two parts -- the first section aims to give you a rather brief and objective review of the 'Dyson Articulating Hard Floor tool' i.e what exactly the articulating floor does, how you would use it, why you would use it etc.

Then the second section is more from a 'real' perspective (through my own personal experience as well as a sum of other customer reviews) -- assessing genuinely, 'how good of an accessory is 'it', and in all -- whether it is worth its price tag (as well as a bit of advice on where to find the best price for the articulating hard floor tool too). 

What is the Hard Floor Articulating Tool?Dyson Articulating Hard Floor ToolCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- Dyson

The Articulating Hard-floor tool is essentially an accessory that has been engineered to simply attach on to your Dyson vacuum -- in order to allow the vacuum to gain an improved cleaning suction on delicate hard flooring.

How Does the Hard Floor Articulating Tool Work?

The Dyson floor tool uses specially attached 'soft nylon bristles' to ensure, your flooring won't be scratched or damaged with markings.

It is also based with a pivoting point located on the neck of the tool to allow for 'horizontal movement', as well as another pivoting point at the 'base' to ensure 'vertical movement'.

Moreover, it is based on an '180 degree' slim profile, to allow for ease of control as well as the ability to reach and clean in and between awkward gaps (as shown within the video just below).

Is My Dyson Compatible With the Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool?

The tool is fit to work on ALL Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners (this includes the DC25, DC28, DC33, DC40, DC41 etc. as well as all the versions -- limited, multi-floor, animal and complete).

As well as ALL Dyson Cylinder (or Canister) vacuum cleaners (this includes the DC32, DC38, DC39 etc.. as well as the versions -- limited, multi-floor, animal and complete).

Hence, it is not available for all Cordless and Handheld Dyson Vacuum Cleaners.

How 'Good' is the Articulating Hard Floor Tool?

To put it simply, it works and it works rather well.

The two sets of brushes attached, allow the tool to get rid of the debris and dirt -- right from very the 'lining' to the sides & skirting of both wooden and tiled floors, which simply the Dyson vacuum can't on its own -- plus I don't particularly want to risk a great big bloomin' scratch on my bathroom tiles.

Once you have got use to the mechanics (of the two described pivots above) of the tool (which takes around a matter of no more than 3 minutes) -- you of course don't only benefit through 'ease of use', but also through allowing you to get 'in and out' of those difficult gaps, that perhaps don't tend to get cleaned as often as they should (e.g. in between the fridge and cupboards, then around the back of the fridge etc.).

Five Stars out of five in my book.

Is the Dyson Hard Floor Tool Worth It?

If you read around and find other Dyson Articulating Hard Floor tool reviews, you will generally find that they don't differ too much from my own (above).

For example, on Amazon.com it scores an average of 4.2 out of 5 from 45 reviews (as of 02/10/2012) -- with it being covered in positive comments such as "I wish I had found this articulating head earlier. I have owned the Animal for years and have struggled with using it on my tile floors, especially since I own a lab that sheds hair at an outrageous rate. This tool is awesome!!" and "I've had this accessory for almost a year and am upgrading my original 4-star rating to 5 stars. This is the tool I don't want to be without."-- both summing up the overall view of the attachment rather nicely and whether the Hard floor tool is 'worth it' or not.

Where to Find the Best Price for the Articulating Hard Floor Tool?

Dyson (as of 02/10/2012) are currently selling the attachment at the $50 mark. However, if you were to go shopping around online, you are likely to find that you can get it somewhat cheaper -- for example on Amazon.com, they are holding it at a discount i.e retailing it at less than $35.

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