The following article is a brief overview of the Dyson Asthma & Allergy Accessory and Attachment kit -- aiming to further inform those interested in buying the kit, more about the actual tools and accessories (i.e what is their purpose, how good are they at their job etc.). Along with an overall concluding verdict as to whether the Dyson Asthma & Allergy tool kit is actually worth it's price tag of $69.99 (as of 15/09/2012).

What's in the Dyson Asthma & Allergy Kit?

Dyson Asthma and Allergy Kit ReviewCredit: -- DysonThe Dyson Soft Dusting Brush (retails separately at -- $29.99): this brush allows you to essentially perform vacuum powered dusting in and around your home, removing dust bites and allergens from intricate and delicate surfaces (e.g. keyboards, blinds) without ever leaving a scratch due to its specially (45 degree) angled soft nylon bristles.

In fairness, it actually is a really useful and effective dusting tool. Where other standard 'vacuum dusting tools' give the illusion of a good job i.e they have left a cleaned surface (instead they have usually just expelled most of the dust from the surface and into the air rather than actually straight into the vacuum) -- the Dyson soft dusting brush instead actually gathers all the dust from the surface and it goes straight into the vacuum's storage bin. (Find out more about the Dyson Soft Dusting Brush here).

The Dyson Mattress Tool (retails separately at -- $29.99): designed to simply attach on to your Dyson vacuum's hose or wand -- the mattress tool has been specifically engineered to "remove dirt, allergens and dustime mites from mattresses and upholstery" with relative ease due to its head being designed to distribute suction power evenly, along with a 45 degree angled neck to allow for a smooth 'pushing action' across the mattress and pillows etc.

Again, an actually rather practical tool -- one which I think you will find yourself using a lot more than you think. At first glance, you will probably dismiss it, as a rather nothing tool (at least I did) but once you actually try it out and really see how effective it is as well as the difference it can make to your bedroom upholstery -- you will be using on a pretty regular basis, taking its place as a fundamental piece of your cleaning equipment.

The Dyson Flexi-Crevice Tool (retails separately at -- $29.99): the flexi-crevice tool will pretty much replace your current  standard 'combination tool -- the crevice and dust nozzle tool', as it allows for greater length and flexibility (particularly useful for getting into those difficult areas, around corners and unforgiving cabinet edges). Moreover, it possess tought stiff nylon bristles to allow for a 'flicking' motion to easily pop up tough grounded-in dirt from soft flooring and into the vacuum's bin.

In truth, a fairly useful attachment that will only really ... come in handy occasionally, I have to admit I don't use it a lot my self -- however those with homes who have a fair few gaps in between furniture etc. they will definitely find it of particular use.

What Dyson Vacuum Models Can the Attachments Be Used On/With?

ALL the accessories and attachments in the Dyson Asthma and Allergy Accessory Kit (i.e the Soft Dusting Brush, the Mattress tool and the Flexi-Crevice tool) are suitable to ALL Dyson upright vacuum cleaners (e.g. the Dyson DC24, DC25, DC33, DC40 and DC41, including the multi-floor, limited and animal versions) as well as ALL Dyson canister/cylinder based vacuums  (e.g. the Dyson DC23, DC26, DC39 including the mutli-floor, limited and animal versions).

Is It Worth Buying the Dyson Asthma and Allergy Kit?

As can be seen from the above, if you were to buy all the Dyson attachments individually -- the cost would amount to around $90 and as the retail of the package is at pretty much $70 -- you make a fairly decent saving of $20. Consequently, it is a reasonably good deal -- however, if you go hunting around for deals, you may be able to find the Dyson Asthma and Allergy Kit for a fair bit cheaper than that -- such as on etc. (e.g. as of 15/09/2012 the kit was retailing for less than $60 -- hence you are essentially getting three decent attachments for the price of two.)

If you have any remarks or specific questions regarding the Dyson Asthma and Allergy kit, or any of the pieces of equipment within the kit, please do comment or ask in the comments section just below.