Economist's Review: Dyson Car Accessories

The following article is an brief objective overview of the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit -- aiming to inform those 'more' about the accessories and attachments that come within the kit (i.e what the attachments actually do and how they do it, and more importantly how well do they actually do their job etc.). Along with a final concluding verdict -- debating as to whether or not it is actually worth paying the package price of $99.99 for the kit or not (and a few places you should check out online to see if you can get the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit, a fair bit cheaper too).

What's in the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit Review?

The Dyson Flexi-Crevice Tool (sold separately at -- $29.99): the flexi-crevice tool can (and should) essentially replace your 'combination  crevice tool' that arrives free with the Dyson vacuum you bought (where in terms of 'practicality' and 'versatility' you can consider the flexi-crevice tool -- its upgrade).

The 'flexible' attachment has been primarily designed to help you vacuum and clean those hard-to-reach areas and surfaces (e.g. under car seats etc.), through reaching and bending around corners and unforgiving edges. Moreover, the Dyson flexi-tool has been attached with specially engineered 'tough' nylon bristles, to allow it to remove even the toughest ground-in dirt stains.

In all, a pretty useful tool -- can't say it is a huge improvement to that of a standard combination crevice tool, but nonetheless it is still an improvement -- even if  only for the simple fact you get a longer reach from it.

The Dyson Stiff Bristle Brush (sold separately at -- $19.99): this is an attachment that simply 'hooks' on to the end of your Dyson vacuum's hose or wand -- and allows you to remove pretty much any dirt stains it comes across. It has been specifically designed to 'prop-up' (through a sort of flicking motion) the dirt/debris from the upholstery and soft surfaces/flooring and straight into the vacuum's storage bin -- from the way the tough nylon bristles have been angled and layered -- to the shape of its brush head.

This has to be one of my favourite Dyson tools -- simply because it is so effective and of course it doesn't just have to be used in the car, but can be used on the carpets and flooring at home too.

The Dyson Mini Turbine Head (sold separately at -- $69.99): the Dyson mini turbine head is essentially a small 'vacuuming' head that has been designed to remove hair/ pet hair, but of course it can also be used in general vacuuming practises i.e to remove debris and dirt etc. Moreover, it is obviously more suited towards a car than the actual big vacuuming cleaning heads due to its mobility and compactness, making the cleaning inside of the car an awful lot easier.

Again, comes in pretty useful -- especially for the canister and upright vacuum users (rather than the cordless vacuum cleaners who have no trouble getting into tight spaces anyway) for cleaning the inside of cars -- and also be used pretty effectively for those who are trying to combat pet hair in the house as well.

What Dyson Vacuum Models Can the Accessories Be Used On/With?

The car cleaning kit and its accessories is compatible to ALL Dyson Vacuum cleaning models -- both the canister/cylinder (e.g. DC32, DC39 etc. which includes both the Multi-floor, Limtied, Animal and Complete versions) and upright range (E.g. DC27, DC33, DC40, DC41 etc. which includes both the Multi-floor, Limited, Animal and Complete Versions) vacuums apart from the following: ALL the Dyson handheld vacuums (E.g. DC31, DC34 etc.) as well as the following:  'DCO1, DCO2, DCO3, DC18 and DC24'.

Is It Worth Buying the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit?

As can be seen from the above details, if you were to purchase every accessory single individually it would amount to around the $120 mark -- so hence if you were to purchase the actual 'kit' you are in essence make a saving of around $20. 

In my mind however, although you are indeed getting three quality Dyson tools in kit -- the price is very much still rather on the 'expensive side', this being said it is Dyson -- so it should not come at too much of a shock to you that the kit comes at a pretty hefty price, since if you are reading this article -- you are likely to have already bought a vacuum from there. At the end of the day through purchasing the kit -- you are improving the versatility of your vacuum and the ease at which you can not only clean your car but a range of indoor cleaning as well, so in that respect it can be argued to be 'worth it' but nor could anyone really blame you for passing up on it and perhaps just getting a single accessory that you particularly like. 

However... it would probably be wise to see if you can get the Dyson Car Cleaning kit on a discount and hence a fair bit cheaper than its $99.99 RRP before coming to such a conclusion, for example it is worth shopping around at online retail stores such as (for example as of 15/09/2012 they are holding a 26% discount -- making the cleaning kit amount to $74) or even get the car cleaning kit used/second-hand from etc. (note you could find the kit not been opened on eBay too, so definitely worth checking out or at the least the tools individually).

If you have any comments, concers or specific questions regarding the 'Dyson Car Cleaning Kit Review' or any of the accessories (Dyson Flexi-Crevice tool, Dyson Stiff Bristle Brush and Dyson Mini Turbine Head) individually then please be sure to make them in the comments section, that you will find just below.