The following article is an objective and brief review of the Dyson Cordless Handheld tool kit -- informing those who are interested in buying the 'kit', more about exactly what they are getting in terms of the Dyson attachments & accessories and what they do exactly (i.e what jobs they perform -- their purpose, as well as how good they are actually at doing them etc.), essentially analysing whether for you specifically -- is it worth buying the Dyson Cordless attachment kit or not.

What's in the Dyson Cordless 'Kit'?Dyson Cordless Tool Kit ReviewCredit: -- Dyson

The Dyson Stubborn Dirt Brush (retails separately at -- $19.99): this is a really great tool for when you end up coming across -- the all too common ground-in dirt stain that you tend to get when you have either dirty dogs and/or children playing alongside clean carpets and rugs. The brush has been specifically engineered with tough nylon bristles that allow it create a 'flicking' motion to cause the dirt/debris to be popped easily from the soft flooring and straight into the vacuum suction and its bin. To be fair, it can also present itself as a pretty good alternative tool (to that of the mini motorized turbine head) for those who suffer with pet hairs too -- albeit on a rather minor scale. (Far Right)

The Dyson Soft Dusting Brush (retails separately at -- $24.99): this specially designed soft bristles brush tool essentially allows you to undertake vacuum powered dusting for delicate areas and surfaces without ever leaving a scratch -- making it perfect for cleaning and leaving those intricate items and objects such as the computer keyboard and blinds dust free. (Second from the Left)

The Dyson Wide Nozzle Tool (retails separately at -- $29.99): in my view probably the best tool of the kit (well most practical anyhow) is the wide nozzle tool which is essentially just that, an 8 inch wide nozzle -- which allows your cordless vacuum cleaner to essentially pick up larger pieces of dirt and debris etc. Meaning.. you can get the same 'good' job done, but just done faster -- although it doesn't offer you anything in particular, I bet you will be surprised at how often you find yourself using are using it, especially in and around the furniture etc. (Far Left)

An Extension Hose (retails separately at -- $19.99): the extension hose simply allows you and your cordless vacuum to get into those more 'confined' spaces --  by providing you with some extra length. I find it comes in particularly useful at vacuuming  and cleaning behind the cabinets etc. (Third from the Left)

What Dyson Models Can the Accessories be Used On?

All the handheld and cordless models -- from the new Mark II Digital Dyson slim DC44 (and Mark I Digital Slim DC35) to that of handheld vacuums such as the DC34, DC31, DC30 etc.

Some of the accessories may also be used in tandem with uprights and cylinder based vacuums such as the extension hose, however some of the attachments are specifically designed to suit just handhelds such as the 'soft dusting brush' (which in this 'specific kit' is slightly different to that of the standard soft dusting brush that retails for $29.99 -- although that too can be used for cordless vacuums).

Is It Worth Buying the Dyson Cordless Attachments Kit?

Well as you can see buying them all individually will cost you around the $95 mark, whereas the kit costs roughly $60 (as of 13/09/2012) -- so you do obviously make a saving  -- of $35, and to be fair -- they actually are really useful and practical tools  to go with your new DC35 or DC44.

But, obviously if you only need/want one tool -- then that makes logical sense to buy just the one attachment, however if you are wanting two -- then you may as well get the entire kit for a bit extra (even if you just want to buy the cheapest two tools from the kit -- it comes to $40, for just an extra $20 -- you are getting $55 worth of tools).

And, even though it can be considered pretty expensive -- you have bought a (rather expensive) Dyson cordless anyway,  hence buying the Cordless Attachment Kit for $60 will allow you at the very least -- to get a bit more versatility and 'value' from it.

Moreover, you maybe able to find the Dyson Cordless Attachments kit discounted if you look and shop around online -- a great place to check first would be, who regularly have products and Dyson tool kits at discount prices. Another pretty awesome site to check out would be eBay, whether it be someone who is selling the Corldess Kit as an unwanted gift, or if the tools have been a bit used -- it is still a great place to find a bargain.

The Dyson Wall Mounting Plate

Although indeed it is not essentially apart of the Dyson cordless vacuum attachments kit -- I do think it is worth mentioning the Dyson cordless vacuum 'wall mounting bracket plate', especially to those who don't know or are unsure of it. The wall mounted plate essentially allows your DC30, DC31, DC34 etc. (usually when you buy the DC35 or DC44 a wall bracket comes with the package) to be left fitted securely upon a wall, most people like to either place it within your cupboard under the stairs or the garage etc. The two benefits of this are -- firstly the cordless vacuum is nicely tucked away, but secondly and more importantly it is more secure and so is likely not to get accidentally damaged through it being dropped from a shelf or stood on etc.

If you do have any questions, concerns or comments surrounding the Dyson Cordless Tool kit review, or any of the items individually either the soft dusting brush tool, wide nozzle tool, stubborn dirt brush, extension hose and even the wall mounting bracket, then please do feel free to make them in the comments section -- that you should be able to find just below.