I found that the best canister vacuum cleaner around is none other than the Dyson DC 21. Why is this? Because where else can I find a machine that can deliver more than two hundred and twenty watts of pure suction power? Other devices are a puny one hundred to one hundred and fifty, and this is only good for a quick dusting or two. But everyone knows that in order to have a real clean home, you will need to find a vacuum cleaner that does its job and so much more.

In my experience, for a vacuum cleaner to be good, it needs to have the Root Cyclone technology. And the Dyson DC 21 has this as well. The unique Root Cyclone features ensure that I can get efficient and thorough cleaning power with no opportunities for clogging or suction loss or whatever. This new unit from Dyson also includes a hard-floor tool which is powerful enough to pick up dirt and dust on hard surfaces. Its quick-draw feature aptly called the Telescope Reach allows me to extend the wand so that I can reach high places like ceilings and stairs or even china cabinet top surfaces.

For more delicate cleaning, all I have to do is to turn off the motorized brush bar so that I can clean delicate rugs or Persian carpets without worrying about making the material look worn out. If I want tougher cleaning, however, I can simply turn on the motorized brush bar. This way, cleaning dirt and pet hair is a whole lot easier. This is also a caring vacuum cleaner thanks to the money-saving feature and lifetime HEPA feature. This simply means the air that is expelled from the machine will have one hundred and fifty times less mold as well as bacteria compared to common breathing air.

Furthermore, it also has its own motorized cleaner head which will be good for easier maneuverability as well as cleaning in areas that are hard to reach. It generously comes with a sixteen foot cord and a 4/9 gallon bin. The wand compress and the hose can also be wrapped around for easier and compact storage. This is a really good vacuum for those who want a convenient and easy to store canister that at the same time is sturdy enough to clean all types of floors and surfaces. Since the cleaner head is motorized, the stowaway feature gives any user an effortless experience when it comes to steering. All you have to do is turn this way and that, and the Dyson DC 21 will easily follow your moves so you can hoover any which way you want.