If you are thinking about purchasing the new Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum cleaner then I might be able to help you along the way. I bought one recently too on a kind of spur of the moment decision and I was really nervous. After getting the product though and putting it together and using it a few times, it has been really useful for me and a great investment. Here is my review of the Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum.

The main thing that I love about this Dyson is simply that it is designed to be used with animals. I have a couple of cats and just one dog in my house and they leave hair everywhere. I hate it because it sticks to my dark clothes like their is no tomorrow. With my Dyson though I can pick up the dirt and dust and hair left behind by the animals easily. The suction is so strong that it can pick up twice as much animal hair as my old vacuum cleaner.

Another thing that I really enjoy about it is the standard Dyson see through dust collection cylinder. This is basically the bag that the vacuum collects the dirt in. It does not have to be replaced as such and the Dyson DC14 Animal bag can just be emptied and then put back into place. You can see all the dirt being collected inside of the cylinder. If for some reason you think you might have picked up something like a child's toy then you can just look in the cylinder straight away and see if you are right.

It is annoying doing this with another vacuum because they don't have any way to see inside of the bag without opening it up and making it useless. There is a lot of tiny attachments that come with the Dyson DC14 aswell which are all great. They are easily just clipped on and used as necesary and then clip off. I hope you have enjoyed this Dyson DC14 Review so far.

I'm really excited about the product as you can probably tell. In addition the Dyson wire that plugs into the mains is extremely long. It reaches raelly far around the house so you do not have to go through the hassle of unplugging it and then plugging it in somewhere else.

Oh before I forget, there is one minor thing that annoys me. It is a heavy vacuum cleaner and cannot be easily lifted upstairs if you are not strong for example. It is easy to push around the floor because the weight is equally distributed but when lifting as a unit it becomes heavy.

It comes in a beautiful shade of metallic grey which is infused with yellow and lavender. It is a really classy looking piece of equipment and a great addition to any home.