The Difference Between the Dyson DC24 and DC50 Compact Upright Vacuums

In this brief and objective comparison account we take a look at the two compact upright vacuum from Dyson -- the DC24 and the DC50 -- identifying both their differences and commonalities within mechanical features and specifications. Ultimately, this article hopes to clarify which of the two vacuums is right for you and your specific needs and preferences i.e which offers the best value for you relative to its price tag.

Cleaning Performance

DC24: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 100 Air Watts

DC50: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 140 Air Watts

Although, the difference of 40 Air Watts doesn't appear to be all that much -- in this regard due to the Dyson DC50 operating with a more 'power efficient motor', better cleaner head and more advanced 'fitted technology' (as detailed just below) -- these and other contributing factors allows it to operate on a similar cleaning performance to that of a standard full sized vacuum. The Dyson DC24 however can't i.e you should not expect the DC24 to offer you a standard cleaning performance that a fully sized vacuum would, this being said it can perform an adequate cleaning job for a small space/area. In this aspect the DC50 seriously out performs the DC24.


Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $499.00 $419.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 29, 2013)

Fitted Technology

DC24: Standard Root Cyclone Technology

DC50: Two-Tier Radial Cyclones

The DC24 is fitted with Dyson's unique standard (first generation) Root Cyclone technology whereas the DC50 possesses (third generation) Two-tier radial cyclone technology -- this simply implies three main points: firstly, both can operate with a bagless format (allowing you to observe the amount of dust and debris that has been collected) -- secondly, they suffer with no loss of suction (i.e as more dust is collected, the suction power doesn't diminish). Finally,(where the difference lies), is that the DC50 can generate much higher centrifugal forces allowing greater 'pick-up' (as well as sucking up much smaller microscopic particles -- as small as 0.5 microns) than the DC24.

Dyson DC24 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $449.99 $341.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 29, 2013)


DC24: Upright Vacuum. Dyson Ball. Weight -- 5.4kg.

DC50: Upright Vacuum. 'Updated' Dyson Ball. Weight -- 5.4kg.

Both are very similar in this regard, both being weighing the same (being Dyson's lightest upright vacuums) as well both having the fitted Dyson ball technology -- however the DC50 has an 'updated' versions whereby the DC24 is one of the very first models to be fitted with it, hence allowing the later versions to fix any minor issues and for that sole reason -- I have to argue for the DC50 edging it. But, both are the joint lightest upright vacuum that Dyson have ever produced and are extremely easy to manoeuvre and use (although if you haven't used the ball mechanism on a Dyson before it make take a shortwhile to get used to).


DC24: Size -H: 110 x W: 28.1 x D: 34.9 cm. Cord: 6.1 m. Reach: 8.75 m. Bin: 0.85 litres.

DC50: Size - H: 106.4 x W: 28 x D: 35.4 cm . Cord - 7.6 m. Reach - 8.7 m. Bin - 0.8 litres.

The practical specifications of both the DC24 and DC50 are obviously rather similar (with obvious thoughts now given to the fact that the DC50 is sort of an 'upgrade' to that of the DC24) -- as well as offering to the fact that they are targeted to those with a small apartment/small house to clean (e.g. a maximum reach of 14.85 m and 16.3 metres for the DC24 and DC50 respectively). Where both are roughly the same size (according to their specifications) -- very compact-- hence will appeal greatly to those who lack storage space. 


DC24: Combination Crevice Tool. (Mini Turbine Head).

DC50: Combination Tool. Stair Tool. Tangle-Free Turbine Tool.

The DC24 and DC50 are pretty much fitted with the same standard accessories: the combination tool (which is an attachment that serves a dual purpose as a crevice tool for vacuuming/cleaning awkward gaps/areas as well as a brush nozzle tool for power dusting) as well as a stair tool (that can also be used for upholstery). The minor difference between the two comes when you consider the issue of pet hair -- when you choose to get either the DC24 Animal or DC50 Animal (where both get the accessories as mentioned) -- where you get the extra attachment of a mini pet hair turbine tool for the DC24 Animal and the more advanced (updated) 'version': the tangle-free pet hair turbine tool for the DC50 Animal.,

Further Information

When bought new both the DC24 and DC50 are backed by a five year guarantee warranty that covers you for both parts and labour costs. They are also both fitted with HEPA washable filters that help to prevent allergens and dust particles from being expelled during vacuuming, hence are safe to be used by those who are either asthma or allergy sufferers.

Moreover, the DC50 is fitted with the latest cleaner head technology that encompasses a self adjusting cleaner head (i.e it lowers for hard flooring and raises for soft flooring in order to maximise pick up) as well as being fitted with varied nylon bristles to engage with either sutck in dirt or ultra-fine dust. It is also Dyson's first cleaner head to feature without 'rug strips' meaning that the full coverage is given to the surface it is cleaning -- and is also more efficient than any previous head due to the motor sitting inside the cleaner head.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Dyson DC24 or DC50?

Clearly from the two compact vacuum cleaners -- the DC50 is the better -- having a better cleaning finish, offering better mobility as well as better attachments (when comparing the Animal versions) and in some aspects better practical features. With this, however there is also the respective difference in price to consider -- where the DC50 will be often a fair bit more expensive than the DC24 and it is on this basis where you have to evaluate as to whether the DC50's advantages over the DC24 are worth it? In my view, on the average 'yes it will be', simply due to the factor as to how much cleaner the DC50 will leave your carpet/hard flooring than the DC24 would. 

If you have any remarks, concerns or questions regarding either the comparison article 'Dyson DC24 Vs DC50) or about the vacuum cleaners themselves -- the DC50 or DC24 (e.g. clarification on the mechanical specifications) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.