Are you looking for Dyson DC25 Animal reviews?  Well in this article I will discuss this fantastic new vacuum from Dyson.  I’ll highlight the pros and cons so you can be informed and feel comfortable making a purchase decision.

The Dyson Animal line is their newest line of vacuums.  They are designed for homes with pets.  As such, they have several features which are great for pet owners.  The Dyson DC25 has motorized brushbar and mini turbine head which are both great for automatically adjusting to whichever floor surface you’re attempting to clean.

The DC25 also has a telescoping reach wand for stairs and other hard to reach places.  It also works great for pet beds.  Dyson’s patented root cyclone technology ensures that there is great suction even when using the wand.

The Dyson Animal line all have HEPA filters which makes them great if you have any asthmatics in your home.  The filter has a hygienic dust bin which is easily emptied. 

The DC25 is very light for an upright vacuum, at about 16 pounds.  This lightweight design coupled with the ball technology makes it very easy to use the DC25, even with one hand.  The ball lets you maneuver around corners and through tight spaces much better than a normal vacuum with 4 wheels.  I must say it was startling to me how much easier to use it was than my old vacuum.

Here are a few of my favorite features of the vacuum:

  • The ball – like I said above, it makes the vacuum so maneuverable.  If you have a lot of furniture you’ll love it.
  • Attachments – There are so many and literally one for any use you can think of.  They’re all there conveniently placed so it’s quick and easy to pick the right one for the job.
  • Hose – The hose is very long and flexible which is great for cleaning stairs as most times I don’t even need to move the vacuum while I’m vacuuming the stairs.  Just put the vacuum at the bottom and the hose reaches all the way to the top!
  • Suction – This machine pulled more dust out of my carpet in one pass than I’d ever seen with my old vacuum.  It’ll almost gross you out when you see the amount of dirt it sucks up.  But afterwards, I swear my house even smelled cleaner!

Here is the biggest con:

  • Price – Dyson certainly makes no excuses for the price of their vacuums and the DC25 is no exception.  It is currently going for just under $500 on Amazon.  That is expensive.  But in my opinion the vacuum is absolutely worth it and with the 5 year warranty you know you’ll get a lot of use out of it before the warranty even expires!  I’ve never had any issues with mine.

All in all, the Dyson DC25 is a great vacuum.  If you’re willing to invest the money, I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with it.  I hope this review was helpful in your search for Dyson DC25 Animal Reviews.