Difference Between the DC25 Multi-Floor & DC25 Animal

There is only one real difference that separates a Dyson DC25 Mult-floor (previously known as DC25 All Floors) from that of a Dyson DC25 Animal -- and that is the additional accessory of the 'mini turbine head' (a specialised cleaner turbine head that vacuums pet hair, which will be discussed in a bit more detail later on in the article) that the Animal version of the DC25 gets, as well as the minor change in colour (where the DC25 Multi-floor comes in the classic Dyson 'yellow' whereas the DC25 Animal comes in the Animal 'purple').

Dyson Upright DC25 Multi-Floor Vs Dyson Upright DC25 Animal

Besides that however -- they are the exact same vacuum model in terms of technical aspects, specifications and features etc. -- there are no differences. Where they both possess the same 'fitted technology' (both coming with the unique Root Cyclone technology), they both have the same cleaning suction power (of approximately 220 Air Watts), they both manoeuvre in the same manner (same weight of 7.4 kg, both being fitted with the Dyson Ball and the same size H: 107.1 x W: 31 x D: 39.2 cm) as well as both offering the same practical features (Lifetime washable HEPA filter, same cord length -- 7.5 metres, same max reach -- 12.34 metres, quick-draw telescope as well as a storage bin capacity of 1.3 litres). 

The Difference in the Accessories

As stated in the opening paragraph -- the only change to really occur from a DC34 Multi-floor to a DC34 Animal is the simple fact that the DC34 Animal comes with a 'mini-turbine head', apart from that they are actually also fitted with the same standard accessories -- a combination crevice tool (which essentially can be used as both a tool to clean in and out of awkward gaps, as well as a dusting nozzle when the bristle brush is pushed down to the end) and a stair tool (self explanatory really). However, the DC25 Animal also comes with the mini turbine head -- which essentially allows the user to pick up pet hair (and general hair for that matter) more effectively than your DC25's cleaner head from soft flooring and upholstery due to the way in which the mini pet hair cleaner head has been designed.

If you are interested in additional accessories for either the DC25 Multi-floor or DC25 Animal -- it is worth checking out the Dyson website and looking up their related accessories. Moreover, it would be a pretty good idea to check out there accessory kits as well, where savings can be made when you buy a group of Dyson attachments together -- for example the 'Asthma & Allergy Kit' (which includes the soft dusting brush, mattress tool and flexi crevice tool), 'Car Cleaning Kit' (which includes the flexi crevice tool, stiff bristle brush and mini turbine head) and 'Pet Clean-Up Kit' (which includes the flexi crevice tool, mattress tool, zorb maintenance powder, zorb cleaning spray and zorb groomer).

Summary: The Dyson DC25 Multi-floor or the Dyson DC25 Animal

Essentially , when you are debating whether to buy either a DC25 Multi-Floor (price: £339.99) or a DC25 Animal (price: £359.99) you are simply asking yourself -- whether the extra mini turbine tool is worth the extra £20 (it retails separately at £45)? Which if your household suffers with pet hair -- I must say it is definitely worth it. However, if it doesn't there is no real need to pay the extra £20, although from personal experience it does come in pretty handy for cleaning the car seats etc. as well.

Where to Find the Best Price for the DC25 Multi-floor and DC25 Animal? 

After checking out the Dyson website -- it is best to go hunting around online to see if you can get a cheaper or discounted price/better deal (although be sure to check you get the same 5 year warranty guarantee) -- and I have found that your best bet is probably to just check out Amazon.co.uk who appear to regularly hold discounts on Amazon vacuum models and are of course a good reputable brand to be dealing with if you have any complaints or issues etc.

Please do let me know if you buy either version of the DC25 what your experiences are with the  in the comments section below -- and if you have any questions, concerns or general remarks either regarding the DC25 Multi-floor vs DC25 Animal debate or regarding the two machines individually -- please also feel free to make them in the comments section too, that you should be able to find just below.