Vacuum or Transformer ? The Dyson vacuums are more than meets the eye.


This vacuum and it's kin are a lot of fun.  Or at least the most fun you'll ever have vacuuming, that's for sure.  It's like operating a transformer !  The steering ball makes it incredibly smooth and it simply glides wherever you want it to go.   Comming from a rather poor family, I've always used cheap or very old machines that were bulky and awkward, so for me this is a revolution !


But its strongest point is definitely how intuitive it is.  You don't have to read the manual (I didn't) to get around this machine.  You don't have to be a tech geek either.  You simply move the parts the way you figure they should and it all comes together, or apart, depending on what you need to do with it.  About a week ago I was vacuuming around after some renovations where I work and managed to clog the suction pipe.  This, by the way, is pretty difficult to do, I was very negligent on my part and i ran over a chunk of drywall.

As I ran my hands through the path the piece went into, i was shifting parts around and unclogged it within a minute.  I was so impressed I got the idea to write this review !

The removable dust catcher

But even before all this I was having a ball (no pun intended) with this device.  The removable dust container is easy to clean and you can do it without getting your hands dirty.  The DC25 is specifically designed to help homeowners with pets but Dyson have a variety of other models that will work with whatever you've got.  This is the first of the Dyson family I've tried and it definitely left an impression on me.

As for the filtering system, the unit comes with a washable HEPA filter (a high-efficiency filter that basically traps microscopic allergens).  Dyson vacuums and their filters are certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (according to Dyson anyways).  I personally like vacuuming without that smell of dust coming back from the vacuum like you get with many cheap devices.

There aren't any cons to this Dyson.  You'd expect this sort of engineering from the NASA institute.  However, the model might be a bit pricey for some who would just rather use a broom, but really, if you can turn the worst part of your day into a relatively easy and hassle free experience, isn't it worth a few extra bucks ?