DC25 Vs DC28

If you were confused about whether to buy the Dyson DC25 Animal or the Dyson DC28 Animal, then don't worry -- the following article should be able to help inform and provide you with suifficent guidance on both the Animal Dyson vacuum cleaners -- so you can decide which model is best suited for you. Below, I have presented a simple and easy to understand break down analysis -- comparing the 'Dyson DC25 Animal Vs Dyson DC28 Animal' specifications and features, allowing you to identify what aspects are important to you and hence overall what model is best suited to you.

 Dyson DC25 Vs Dyson DC28 

Dyson DC28 AnimalCredit: Amazon.com -- DysonAir Watts (The Suction Power): The Dyson DC25 Animal has a 'constant suction power' of 220 air watts, compared to that of the Dyson DC28 Animal which has a greater suction capacity standing at 245 air watts. Hence, a difference of 25 air watts, which is a not a great difference on paper, but is still rather noticeable in practice. Furthermore, the DC28 also possesses unique air muscle technology allowing it to take advantage of three Dyson engineered technologies being specifically adapted for a high powered clean. 

Storage Bin Capcity: Where the Dyson DC25 Animal has a bin storage capacity of 1/3 of a gallon, the Dyson DC28 animal has a bin capacity of almost double that, with 5/8 of a gallon (DC25: 0.33 Vs DC28: 0.625). A larger bin storage. is obviously useful in the sense you aren't having to make frequent visits to empty the bin, especially an issue when it comes to larger (& dirtier) rooms perhaps.  

Weight of the Vacuum: The 'light-weight' Dyson DC25 stands in a fair bit lighter at 16.2 pounds, whereas the DC28 Animal is about 5 pounds heavier at 21 pounds, which obviously causes slight issue for the actual engagement of vacuuming. The Dyson DC25 is only slightly better in this regard, for the simple fact it is lighter to manuever and easier to store away.

Maneuverability: Although, to some extent 'maneuverability' has been discussed through the weight of the vacuum cleaners, I thought it is still best to mention the Dyson 'Ball' technology. The DC25 unlike the DC28 possesses the 'Ball' feature that allows for far greater streeing capabilities for the user, allowing them to twist and turn the vacuuming cleaner, rather than having to drag all 21 pounds and back forth.

Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner(109266)Credit: Amazon.com -- DysonCord Length & Maximum Reach: The cord length on the DC25 Animal stands at around 24.6 feet, with a maximum reach presented by tubing and the Dyson wand at more than 40 feet. The DC28 animal has a cord length of 35.2 feet long and with the same telescope reach potential of a further 16 feet, allowing the DC28 to have a max reach potential of more than 51 feet, particularly useful for a large house.

Accessories: On both the DC25 and DC28 are very similar, and there are literally on-board devices and attatchements for everything that you could possibly need and think of, from a stair tool to a mini turbine head. All ergonomically designed for convienece and simple to attach.

Size of the Vacuum: The dimensions of both the cleaners are fairly similar, the DC25 is around 14.5 inches in depth, and roughly 42 inches in height and 12.2 inches wide. Where as the DC28 is 14.3 inches in depth, 42 inches in height and 13.5 inches in width. 

Similarities & Further Information

Both are specifically designed for the removal of pet hair as well being available in multi floor usage (the DC28 does come with the 'fingertip floor selector' allowing for no awkward crouching down to switch brushes etc.), and both come with the unique Dyson patented Root Cyclone technology that allows for no suction loss as well freeing the vacuum from clogging as well as a washable HEPA filter. Moreover, they both are backed by a 5 year warranty as well as being certified asthma and allergy friendly. 

Price of the Vacuum Cleaner

You will often find that the DC28 Animal is a fair bit cheaper at around $500 where as the DC25 ball comes in at over $550. A difference of around $50 to 60.

Summary: Should You Buy a Dyson DC25 Animal or a Dyson DC28 Animal?

Well, it depends on your scenario and your preferences. If you are in need of a vacuum that can simply do the job and do it well, then the DC28 would probably be the way to go for you, although on some levels you are sacrificing ease of use. However, if you don't need a really powerful vacuum and your house isn't too large, then the DC25 probably presents itself as a better suit for you. Let me know what you would choose ...the 'Dyson DC25 Animal or the Dyson DC28 Animal?' and why in the comments box below. If you have any questions regarding specifics of either the Dyson DC25 Animal or the DC28 Animal then please do post it in the comments box also.