DC26 Vs DC47

If you are contemplating buying either the Dyson DC26 or the Dyson DC47 then you are in the right place. We know that when trying to determine which vacuum is right for you simply on face value along with complex terms being fired your way such as 'Root Cyclone Technology' and 'Two-tier radial cyclones' choosing between vacuums can quickly become a rather unwanted complex task with what ultimately appears to be two pretty similar looking vacuum cleaners. However, this brief comparison account will make it nice, simple and clear for you -- pointing to both the DC26's and DC47's differences as well as the commonalities within features and specifications -- then finishing with an overall summary of the pros and cons to each model.

Differences in Cleaning Performance (Power)

DC26: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 160 Air Watts

DC47: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 180 Air Watts

As seen both offer similar cleaning power with the Dyson Cylinder DC47 vacuum just edging it with an extra 20 Air Watts when compared to that of the Dyson DC26. Although, this may not appear too different we also need to take account of the fitted technology (the section just below 'fitted technology') for the vacuum's overall performance -- with this you will soon realise that the DC47 vacuum offers you a far better suction and cleaning performance than that which the DC26 offers you.

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $412.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2015)
(Note this is the DC26 multi-floor version and hence the Dyson Tangle Free Turbine tool is absent)

Differences in Fitted Technology

DC26: Root Cyclone Technology

DC47: Two-Tier Radial Cyclones

The DC26 is fitted with the basic fitted technology that Dyson offers: Root Cyclone technology  -- this system simply allows the vacuum to not be subject to suction loss as you pick up dirt and debris. However, the DC47 is fitted with Dyson's very latest technology -- the two tier radial cyclone system that produces incredibly high centrifugal forces that allows the vacuum to pick up microscopic dust particles -- not visible to the naked eye (i.e as small as 0.5 microns) and of course doesn't suffer loss of suction. In this respect the DC47 far surpasses the DC26.

Dyson Ball Compact Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner (same as Dyson DC 47 Animal Compact Canister)
Amazon Price: $449.99 $398.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2015)
(Note this is the DC47 Animal version and hence also comes with the additional Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool)

Differences in Manoeuvrability

DC26: Cylinder/Canister Vacuum, Rigid Wheels, Weight: 5.3 kg.

DC47: Cylinder/Canister Vacuum, 'Updated' (2nd Gen) Dyson Ball, Weight: 6.08 kg

Obviously both are of canister (aka cylinder) build, however their mobility features are certainly different. The DC26 utilises a fixed rigid wheel (basic) system which makes it difficult to move the vacuum on tight spots and just general operation. However, the DC47 is fitted with the very latest installment of the Dyson Ball (2nd Generation) whereby it can turn on a single dime and be moved with great ease. Although the DC26 technically weighs less by 0.78 kg, you certainly wouldn't think so when in use (as the DC47's body actually only weighs approximately 4 kg). Again, in this regard the DC47 is easily the more mobile vacuum from the two.

Differences in Practicality

DC26: Size - H: 26.7  x W: 33.0 x D: 21.0  cm. Cord - 5 m. Reach - 8.3 m. Bin Size: 0.68 litres.

DC47: Size - H: 29.2  x W: 22.2 x D: 44.8  cm. Cord - 5 m. Reach - 8.3 m. Bin Size: 0.58 litres.

As seen the DC47 is marginally larger in terms of size, however there is no point of real significance -- both are ultra compact -- which of course makes them ideal vacuums for home owners who are tight on storage space or are just wanting to keep a vacuum downstairs or upstairs etc.

With regards to practicalities of the two, little differences are again to be had. The DC47 offers just a slightly larger max reach and the DC26 offers only a greater bin capacity of just 0.1 litres. 

Differences in Accessories

DC26: Combination Tool. Stair Tool.

DC47: Combination Tool. Stair Tool. (Tangle-Free Turbine Tool*)

Both the DC26 and DC47 are fitted out with the standard Dyson vacuum accessories that you would expect such as the combination tool (a nozzle for hard to reach debris which features a slide-down brush for dusting) and stair tool. The DC47 is however also available as an animal version i.e DC47 Animal (purple colouring) which is simply the multi-floor version (yellow colouring) but  features the pet hair tool: Tangle free turbine tool (note: this can be purchased separately to be utilized with the Dyson DC26).

Additional Accessories

To benefit from wider and easier cleaning possibilities it can be wise to invest in official Dyson accessories and tools that are compatible with both the Dyson DC26 and DC47 such as:

Discounted prices can be had also when you purchase Dyson accessories in bundle kits, for example the above three accessory tools are all featured within the Dyson Home Cleaning Kit.

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit
Amazon Price: $64.00 $52.46 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2015)

Further Information

Both the DC26 and DC47 when bought new come with a fixed 5 year warranty that includes parts and labour.

They are also both fitted with lifetime washable filters that prevent allergens and dust particles from being expelled into the air when the vacuum is in operation and hence both can be used safely by allergy and asthma sufferers.

Carbon Fibre Turbine Head Vs Dual Channel Floor Tool: the cleaning heads are also different -- the DC26 is fitted with the standard carbon fibre turbine head however the DC47 is fitted with the latest customised cleaner head; the Dual Channel floor tool. The Dual channel floor tool (also carbon fibre) allows the vacuum to pick up more dirt that is held deep within the carpet due to the flicking motion that it causes through the two active edges of the channels integrated into the head. Moreover, the 'flat' design allows you to easily reach under furniture and spots that standard cleaner heads won't allow due not being able to fit (more than helpful).

Conclusion: Dyson DC26 or Dyson DC47 -- which is right for you?

In sum, I believe this account has made ts pretty clear that the DC47 is definitely the one to go for, due to all of the following reasoning:

1) The DC47 is the more powerful of the two vacuums with regards to cleaning performance.

2) The DC47 is fitted with the very latest root cyclone technology (the DC26 is fitted with just the standardised version).

3) The DC47 offers better mobility and ease of use through the integrated (2nd Gen) Dyson ball.

4) The DC47 is equipped with a far more advanced Dyson cleaner head in comparison to that of the DC26.

5) There are no real instances where the DC26 outperforms that of the DC47.

Moreover, you get all these improved features for just roughly an extra $40 to $100 (dependent on the version of both the DC26 and DC47 i.e Animal or Multi-floor).

If you have any concerns, questions or general remarks regarding either the comparison review 'DC47 vs DC26' of the differences between the Dyson DC26 and DC47 or about either machines specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to respond you as soon as possible.

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