Difference Between the DC33 and DC33i

The difference between the DC33 and DC33i comes only in the fact that the latter version (the indie/independent) comes with an additional accessory (explained in 'the difference in accessories section) as well as coming in a different coloured skin (the DC33 standard multi-floor coming in the classic Dyson yellow, whereas the DC33i comes in 'red'). Apart from these two factors the DC33 and DC33i are exactly the same -- it is the same vacuum cleaner with identical cleaning suction power, practical features (size, cord length, bin capacity) etc.

(Note: head to the quick summary section below at the bottom of the article, detailing the varied attachments you get with the all the versions of the DC33/DC33i/DC33 Animal).

Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Sep 3, 2013)
Just to provide a quick overview of the fundamentals that remain the same, in other words a brief summary of the actual DC33 vacuum cleaner since they are identical (for standard DC33 and DC33i). In terms of cleaning performance -- this Dyson is considered one of the most powerful in the entire Dyson vacuum line up, given that is capable of a huge 255 Air Watts (rivalling the DC41 which is claimed to "double the suction of any other [non-Dyson] vacuum" of suction power as well as being fitted with the unique Dyson Root Cyclone technology that allows i) to be free from loss of suction and ii) to generate high centrifugal forces to pick up microscopic dust and dirt particles.

With regards to practical features it is well endowed too, having a bin capacity of 2.3 litres (the largest of Dyson's upright range, certainly will save you the hassle of having to constantly empty) and a maximum reach that is over 25 metres. It is hence obviously intended for those with the larger home. However, in regards to 'ease of use' and manoeuverability the Dyson DC33 is certainly not the best in this regard (you should perhaps look to a Dyson DC41 or DC50 if this is important to you) being fitted with a rigid wheeled mechanism (therefore having to be dragged back and forth to get around tight corners) and weighing in at 8 kg (doesn't really appeal if you are having to carry up and down stairs).

Difference in Accessories

As stated in the introduction the main variation that comes between the DC33 and DC33i comes in the simple fact that the DC33i is provided with one extra attachment. To keep things clear, it is best for me to firstly go over what the DC33's accessories are: a combination tool (which doubles up as both a crevice tool as well as a brush nozzle for powered dusting) and a stair tool.

With the DC33i not only is it equipped with both these accessories that the standard DC33 has (i.e the combination tool and the stair tool) but it also comes with the Dyson flexi crevice tool -- which helps a user to get into awkward gaps that are difficult to reach e.g. in between furniture, radiators and walls -- I found it to be particular useful for vacuuming in cars as well. 

Dyson 36 Flexi Crevice Tool
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(price as of Sep 3, 2013)

Furthermore, there is also the animal version of the DC33 to consider which is simply an additional accessory to the attachment and accessory lot (just described) which remains the same. Whereby they also get a pet hair mini turbine which is used (as the name gives away) for efficient use of pet hair pick up in and around the home/car (although this has been updated now to the tangle free turbine tool, as seen below). With the animal version, you will notice for the standard DC33 for its colour to change to purple/blue, a D33i however still has the same silver/red mesh (so be sure to clarify exactly what you are purchasing with the 'independent' versions)

Conclusion -- Should I Buy a DC33 or DC33i? : as stated they are the exact vacuum cleaner, all the differences that are between the versions of the DC33 is that of their colour and the attachments that are provided -- which can all be bought individually, in which you can then research as to how to get the best deal (e.g. is it better for you to purchase the DC33i or the DC33 + flexi crevice tool both individually).

A final quick summary of the DC33 Vs DC33i Vs DC33 Animal Vs DC33i Animal with regards to what accessories come with what specific version.

  • DC33 (Multi-floor): Combination Tool, Stair Tool.
  • DC33i (Multi-floor): Combination Tool, Stair Tool, Flexi-Crevice Tool.
  • DC33 Animal: Combination Tool, Stair Tool, Mini Turbine Tool.
  • DC33i Animal: Combination Tool, Stair Tool, Mini Turbine Tool, Flexi-Crevice Tool.

If you have any questions, remarks or concerns regarding the actual article 'DC33 vs DC33i' or any of the versions of the DC33 or about the actual comparison article itself then please be sure to leave them in the comments section that you find just below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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