Difference Between the DC34 Multi-Floor & DC34 Animal

The only real difference between a Dyson handheld DC34 Mutli-floor and that of a Dyson handheld DC34 Animal is the simple fact that the 'Animal' version of the DC34 comes with an additional accessory -- the motorised brush bar tool (a specially designed pet hair motorised head attachment -- that will be discussed in a bit more detail just below) as well as the minor change in the colouring of the cordless vacuum (i.e where the DC34 mutli-floor comes in the classic Dyson 'yellow' whereas the Animal version of the DC34 comes in the standard Animal range 'purple' colour).

Dyson Handheld DC34 Multi-floor Vs Dyson Handheld DC34 Animal

Dyson DC34 AnimalCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonApart from the additional motorised brush attachment that comes with the Animal version and the minor colour change -- there is absolutely no difference between the actual fundamentals, specifications and features of the two handheld vacuum cleaners.

Both the handheld vacuums have the exact same cleaning suction power, dual mode option, battery life span and 'fitted' technology (both are encompassed with the standard unique Dyson Root Cyclone Technology as well as the dual mode option life and power -- Standard Mode: 15 minutes on 28 Air Watts, and Boost Mode: 6 minutes on 65 Air Watts, powered by the Dyson Digital Motor -- as well as having the same recharge time of roughly 3.5 hours. Note: With use of the motorised brush bar on the DC34 Animal, the life span is said to be estimated at 13 minutes), moreover the DC34 multi-floor and DC34 animal have the same practical and functional features (where both are the same size Height: 20.5 x Width: 11.5 x  Depth: 32.2 cm, as well as both weighing the same -- roughly 1.33 kg, as well as having the same 0.35 litre bin capacity).

The Change in Accessories

Again, as stated above the only real change between the two DC34 versions is in terms of the 'accessories package' that comes wtih both the DC34 Mutli-floor and the DC34 Animal. Where both the DC34 mutli-floor and DC34 Animal receive the combination crevice tool (which is essentially an adjustable brush nozzle that can be used for both vacuuming dust as well as a tool for cleaning up dirt debris in awkward gaps that you come across in the house such as in and between furniture etc.). However, the DC34 Animal also comes with the specialised mobile Dyson motorised brush bar attached with specially engineered stiff Nylon bristles which essentially allows the user to effectively clean up pet hair from a range of flooring, upholstery and curtains etc.

If you are interested in the wide range of additional Dyson accessories and tools for the DC34 be sure to check out firstly -- the Dyson website under the category 'accessories' and 'tools' for BOTH the DC34 multi-floor and DC34 animal attachments -- as well as checking out the special 'Dyson Cordless Tool Kit' which encompasses the following especially adapted cordless versions of the stubborn dirt brush, soft dusting brush, wide nozzle tool and extension hose -- all of which can really add to the versatility and usefulness of your Dyson DC34.

In essence, when it comes down to debating whether you are wanting to buy either the DC34 multi-floor (retails at £149.99 as of 21/09/2012) or the DC34 Animal (retails at £179.99 as of 21/09/2012) you are asking yourself -- is it worth paying an extra £30 for the motorised brush tool attachment?

AnDyson DC34 Mutli-floor(113385)Credit: Amazon.co.uk -- Dysond in which case many would say 'Yes. Definitely!', especially if they have a pet who leaves a lot of hair in and around the house.

Yet again those who don't suffer with that problem won't really need this extra attachment (although that is not to say it won't come in handy for the odd job here and there).

(If you were to go bargain hunting online, you more are than likely to find a discount on the prices shown above e.g. on Amazon.co.uk they are retailing the DC34 multi-floor at just under the £125 and the DC34 Animal at under £145 mark -- hence for just an extra £20 you can get hold of the motorised brush bar which if sold separately i.e. if you were to buy the DC34 multi-floor and decided you want the motorised brush bar later would cost you around the £70 mark -- (unless of course bought second-hand or was discounted) will save you the £50. You could find it for even cheaper if you were willing to get a 'used' or 'refurbished' DC34).

Please do let me know which version of the DC34 you would go for -- being either the DC34 Multi-floor or the DC34 Animal along with your experiences of it. Moreover, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding the DC34 Multi-floor Vs DC34 Animal review or specifically regarding either version of the DC34 individually -- then do be sure to make them in the comments section, that you should be able to find just below.