Should I Buy a DC35 Animal?

If you are interested in buying a DC35 Animal, then I am pretty sure that my personal (and rather objective) Dyson DC35 Animal review (below) should at least be able to help you in some form or another, on whether to buy the DC35 Animal or not. My aim with the following review is to present the DC35 in a logical manner -- providing you with the facts, and areas in which I find the DC35 Animal excels (positive aspects) and in others where it lacks (negative aspects), and then conclude with an overall opinion and (rather subjective) verdict on my thoughts of the DC35 Animal and whether I recommend that you buy it.

What is the Dyson DC35 Animal?

Dyson DC35 AnimalCredit: -- DysonThe Dyson DC35 Animal can essentially be two vacuum cleaners both an upright floor vacuum as well as being able to convert into a handheld vacuum cleaner (similar to that of the DC34), due to its dettatchable 'wand' tube feature. Moreover, unlike most traditional upright vacuum cleaners -- it is cordless -- it is powered without the need for cords and wires, and instead functions via a 22.2 volt lithium battery. 

For those wondering how is the Dyson DC35 Animal different to that of the Dyson DC35 Multi-floor? They are essentially the same, apart from the DC35 Animal is only different to that of the DC35 multi-floor in that it is purposely designed with an extra motorized 'pet' tool specifically to address vacuuming pet hair.

Positive Aspects of the Dyson DC35 Animal

Maneuverability - the DC35's greatest asset has to be the fact it is cordless -- making it a standout upright vacuum clean in its own right. Where no longer are you bothered by the limiting strain of cords and wires nor do you have to be concerned with the location of power sockets. You are free to clean, wherever you want to clean. This doubled with the fact it is incredibly light, weighing in at only 2.25 kg makes the DC35 Animal a real ease to maneuver.

The Dyson Digital Motor Power - the DC35 Animal possesses the unique Dyson Digital motor, that claims to be better in most aspects (e.g. power, smaller, lighter) than any other conventional electric  vacuum cleaning motor. The suction power varies between the dual mode of 'standard' -- 28 air watts and 'max' -- 60 air watts, being almost twice as powerful as that of any other conventional cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Docking Station - I know this isn't really a 'stand out' aspect on the surface, but if you do buy the DC35 Animal, you will quickly find how useful the docking station is. It is wall mountable, hence allowing the DC35 Animal to be nicely and neatly tucked away under the stairs, compared to that of a huge vacuum cleaner taking up half the utility room. Moreover, it recharges the DC35 fully after around the 200 minute mark (three times faster than others).

Transforms - as stated above it has another plus factor is the simple fact it can convert -- it can both be an upright vacuum cleaner due to the 'long reach wand' (that extends up to 66 cm) hence good for cleaning floors and it can also be a handheld vacuum cleaner, very similar to that of the DC34 with its mini motorised brush built to specifically collect up pet hair and clean out cars etc.

Root Cyclone Technology - not such a 'positive aspect' when compared with other Dyson vacuum cleaners as pretty much all their range possess the Root Cyclone technology, but when compared to that of other standard cordless vacuum cleaners the unique Dyson  Root Cyclone technology offers something unique. The fact there is no loss of suction with the build of debris in its bin storage capacity, as well as being bagless.

Easy to Look After - the DC35 Animal, doesn't need much tender care itself -- the HEPA filter for the DC35 is a flexible solid (not like most competitor's paper, rippable, filters) and easily cleaned. Moreover, it is backed by a free 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Negative Aspects of the Dyson DC35 Animal

The Battery Life of the DC35 - now the actual battery life of the DC35 Animal I wouldn't class as being that great, lasting up to 15 minutes on normal mode (13 mins with the motorized brush) and 6 minutes on max mode. However on second thought, I don't think the DC35 Animal is actually intended for a thorough cleaning like that of your big upright Dyson vacuum cleaners such as the DC41 Animal. Instead it its more intended for those who don't ideally really want to be spending more than 15 minutes vacuuming their carpets of the house. More for those, who want to give it a quick clean right there and then, built more towards ease of use, and hence 15 mins is more than enough (and they will have another 15 minutes to go when they hook it on to the recharging dock station).

The Power - compared to other standard upright Dyson vacuum cleaners that often quote a suction power of around 220 air watts or more, almost four times as powerful as the DC35, you can't expect the same kind of standard of job. Again, like the point being made for the battery life -- the DC35 isn't intended to do the exact same job as an upright vacuum cleaner, instead it is built for convenience, for those who have a small flat, who don't need a big Dyson DC41 to clean their floor. I don't want you to get me wrong, I am not saying the DC35 Animal does a bad job of vacuuming by any means, it is rather good, all I am saying is don't expect the same 'finish' that you would of a standard Dyson upright. 

The Bin Storage Capacity - it is only 0.35 Litres, so as you can imagine you have to empty it fairly often (this is helpfully aided by the one button press to empty it), however although again what can you really expect? It is a cordless vacuum cleaner, whose purpose isn't meant to clean all your floors in the house in one go. 

Overall Verdict of the Dyson DC35 Animal

In all, after giving it some careful consideration and allowing for the fact that it is a cordless vacuum and hence then comparing it amongst those relative cordless competitors and not that of standard upright vacuum cleaners, I have to agree with the rather unanimous highly rated reviews offered by, that the DC35 Animal is a great domestic cleaning product. It is pretty clear that the Dyson DC35 Animal is perfect for those who don't take cleaning too seriously and are simply looking for a good user experience overall without all the hassle of a large corded vacuum cleaner (and especially for those who just want to hoover up the blasted dog hairs quickly before friends come over i.e me), in which case then I have to highly  recommend the DC35 Animal. If you have any remarks or questions regarding the Dyson DC35 Animal review, then please make them in the comments box below.