Dyson Hard Vs Dyson Digital Slim (Mark I)

This account is just a brief and rather objective account that compares the cordless Dyson Digitali Slim (mark I) vacuum cleaner: the DC35 to that of the cordless 'hard-floor combination cleaner: the DC56 -- highlighting both their distinct differences as well as their commonalities within features and specifications. Ultimately, from this you will hopefully have a better idea as to which one is best suited for you and your needs & prefences and which can provide you with the best overall value.

What are their intended 'cleaning' jobs?

The Dyson DC35 and the Dyson Hard 'DC56' are slightly different cordless cleaning machines (despite them looking very similar) -- where the DC35 is simply a vacuum cleaner that is meant quick and easy cleaning on all types of floors for dirt & debris etc. and can also be raised to clean ceilings and curtains. The DC56 'Dyson Hard' is meant primarily for just cleaning hard-floors e.g. wooden or tiled floors (it does have the functionality, like the DC35 -- to turn into just a handheld vacuum like that of the DC34 too) -- whereby it effectively operates two jobs at the same time. In one movement it (firstly) vacuums the dirt & debris from the floor and then (secondly) wipes the grime away (with the the wipe) and then (thirdly) the second channel also vacuums up any remaining dirt or debris (for more information about the DC56's workings check out the Dyson Hard 'in action' video below).

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner
Amazon Price: $409.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2016)

Which offers the better cleaning (suction) performance? 

DC35: Standard Mode: 28 Air Watts | Boost Mode: 60 Air Watts

DC56: Standard (normal) Mode: 28 Air Watts | Boost (max power) Mode: 65 Air Watts 

From the stats you wouldn't be too surprised to know that a lot of the 'inner workings' and technology has been passed from the DC35 over to the DC56 such as the dual power mode -- standard and boost (for particular tought stains, and in which the DC56 slightly edges the DC35 by 5 air watts) as well as the 22.2 volt lithium ion 'fade-free' battery proviidng constant cleaning suction. Moreover, they also both feature the unique Root Cyclone technology that allows no loss of suction as well as for it operate through a bagless mechanism, to help the user see (due to the transparent bin capacity) when it needs emptying etc.

So in terms of dust/dirt pick up, arguably because the DC35's cleaner head is focused solely towards such a task -- that is the better performer in that regard. However, as said the DC56's task is slightly different given that it also has to tackle grime and stains on hard-flooring which of course the DC35 wouldn't be much good at cleaning.

Dyson DC56 Hard- Hardfloor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $329.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2016)

Which is easier to use/handle?

DC35: Weight -- 4.85 lbs

DC56: Weight -- 4.86 lbs

They are pretty much identical in this aspect also (just a 0.01 lbs difference), both being very lightweight and are ergonomically designed to have the weighting disturbed within the handle to allow for the user to have a balanced and controlled clean -- whether it be wiping the floor or using the DC35 to vacuum the curtains. The handle is easy to grip and you also get an LED indicator to tell you when the battery is fully charged and also for when it is about to die & in need of further charge.

The Dyson Hard DC56 'In Action'

Which provides the best practicality factor?

DC35: Battery Life -- Standard: 15 Minutes, Boost: 6 Minutes

DC56: Battery Life -- Standard: 15 Minutes, Boost: 6 Minutes

Again, as expected the battery life is similar also lasting just 15 minutes for both (which although you may view as being 'not much' -- but you will be surprised as to how much you get done in that time and anymore than that really (unless you have a particularly big house, which you can buy a separate battery for the DC35/DC56 for -- you should really ought to use the fully sized vacuum cleaner). In terms of how long it takes for them to charge to full power (from dead), although not specifically stated it is said that the DC35 takes on average around 4 hours whereas the DC56 is half an hour less at 3.5 hours. You are actually provided with a wall mounted docking station for both (although you can charge it separately from the docking station) which obviously also helps with keeping it nicely stored and kept away. 

Moreover, as previously mentioned both can act as a handheld vacuum cleaner -- through simply removing the 'wand' (which is the long 66 cm aluminium tube that joins the handle to the cleaner head) and joining the crevice tool directly to the handle -- which allows for more intricate cleaning for areas such as cars & stairs etc.

The Dyson DC35 'In Action'


DC35: Cordless Combination/Crevice Tool

DC56: Cordless Combination/Crevice Tool 

They also come with the same accessory a combination tool -- that basically serves two purposes as an attachment -- a crevice tool for vacuuming tight and awkward angles with it also coming with a brush nozzle allowing your DC35, DC56 to act as a power dusting cleaner also. You can buy additional cordless accessories for both the DC35 and DC56 as well to improve their functionalities even further -- just check out the Dyson cordless tool kit.

Dyson Genuine Handheld Tool Kit #DY-913049-01
Amazon Price: $59.99 $45.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2016)
* Stubborn dirt brush
* Soft dusting brush
* Extension hose
* Wide nozzle tool

Conclusion: Which Vacuum Should I Buy -- the DC35 (Dyson Digital Mark I) or the DC56 (Dyson Hard)?

In sum, whether you get the DC35 or DC56 depends ultimately as to which one will serve you better all round -- if you have particular difficulties with keeping your hard-floors clean (and you have a lot of them) and want to ease that task incredibly then the DC56 is definitely for you (whilst coming with other numerous cleaning advantages too e.g. becomes a handheld vacuum). However, if you are after a general easy, quick and lightweight vacuum to help supplement your standard full sized vacuum further the DC35 should be your pick -- allowing you to clean from high and low. I personally just use it as the 'upstairs' vacuum saving me the hassle of having to drag up and down the heavy full sized one or in case of emergency when guests make a quick 5 minute announcement of their oncoming arrival -- where the DC35 comes in very useful as it is quick to get out, quick to use and quick to put away again (unlike the hassle that comes with the standard corded vacuum).

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, experiences either regarding the comparison article 'DC35 vs DC56' or about the DC35 or DC56 specifically (i.e any mechanical specification queries), then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.