DC40 Multi-floor & DC40 Animal Comparison

Are you a little unsure on the differences between the Dyson DC40 Multi-floor and DC40 Animal and/or are just seeking further clarification as to what each can offer you? If so, the following guide: Dyson DC40 Vs DC40 Animal -- will be able to help you out.  But, firstly just know the only real MAJOR difference between the two versions of the upright DC40 is the accessories/attachments that each are provided with (as well as the skin color -- with the DC40 mutli-floor being yellow and DC40 animal being purple) -- every other aspect i.e suction performance, size, weight etc. are identical.

The Difference Between the DC40 Multi-floor & DC40 Animal

The tangle free turbine tool -- this is the only real pinnacle feature that is different between the two. Where the DC40 multi-floor comes with the following accessories: combination tool (used for vacuuming tight edges as a crevice tool which also doubles up with a brush nozzle for powered dusting) and a stair tool. The DC40 Animal however comes with: the combination tool, stair tool and the tangle free turbine tool. 

Dyson Tangle Free Turbine
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(price as of Jun 8, 2016)

This extra attachment is basically a specialised pet hair tool used for effective and efficient pick up of pet hair in and around your home (can be used on upholstery, in cars, on stairs, on carpets etc.) and is unique in the fact it won't get tangled (due to two counter rotating heads) meaning it has a much longer life span than other competing pet hair tools. So basically, the DC40 Animal is for... people who have animals in their household -- and it is for this reason alone why the DC40 Animal is more expensive -- it comes with an extra attachment.

So you could essentially look for the cheapest option: Dyson DC40 Multi floor price + tangle free turbine tool (bought separately) or the DC40 animal -- where they are essentially the same package except one is yellow and the other is purple (the latter is obviously usually the cheaper one, given that is in a bundle -- but it is certainly worth checking).

Dyson DC40 Multi floor upright vacuum cleaner
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(price as of Jun 8, 2016)

As stated above -- every aspect, specification and feature (apart from the color and accessories are the same) and just to prove that and go over them briefly.

Both offer the same cleaning constant suction power of 200 Air watts, coupled with Dyson's advanced cyclone system -- Radial Root cyclone technology -- allows for a mid size vacuum to be 'more' powerful than many full sized vacuum cleaners. Moreover, the root cyclone technology also offers three distinct benefits: i) it is bagless, so there is no need to keep buying new vacuum bags, ii) which also allows it to be transparent so you know exactly when it needs emptying and iii) finally it produces very high centrifugal forces that allow microscopic partciles of dust to be picked up from all floor types.

Dyson DC40 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Jun 8, 2016)

They are also both integrated with Dyson's unique ball technology and weigh just 6.7 kg, these factors in turn mean the DC40 is extremely easy to handle and manoeuvre making it perfect for those who struggle with vacuuming due to mobility issues or are simply looking for a lot easier use than a traditional four wheeled heavy vacuum cleaner -- that has to be dragged back and forth to get around a corner.

Moreover, each model offers the same practical aspects too -- same dimensions: 107 cm x 35 cm x 31 cm, bin capacity of 1.6 litres as well as a max reach of 19.9 m (7.5 m cord length & telescope reach 12.4 m). The cleaner head also automatically adapts (either lowering or raising) depending on the floor type you are cleaning to gain a more optimal suction and clean.

Further information: both come with a leading 5 year warranty guarantee as well as being fitted with quality filters to prevent allergens and dust being expelled into the air whilst you are vacuuming. 

Which version of the DC40 mid size vacuum will you buy and why?

Moreover, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview of the Dyson DC40 vs DC40 Animal or about either version specifically -- then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.