What's the Difference?

The only real difference between that of the Dyson DC41 Animal and the Dyson DC41 Animal complete is the whole range of additional accessories that come with the 'Complete' version ('tangle free turbine tool', 'soft dusting brush', 'multi-angle brush' and 'stiff brush' along with the standard accessories of the 'crevice tool' and 'combination tool' -- which will all be discussed in more detail below), as well a change in colour (the Complete has more of a pink look, and the normal Animal is a purple). 

Dyson DC41 Animal Vs Dyson DC41 Animal Complete

However, the Dyson DC41 Animal and the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete are still essentially the same model coming with the same specifications and features. There has no been change in cleaning and  suction performance (the constant suction power are both at 235 AW), along with no change or improvement in technology (the same radial root cyclone technology, Dyson Ball technology and adjustable cleaning head for hard to soft flooring) as well no change in practicalities of the vacuum cleaner (the same bin capacity of 0.55 gallons, cord length of 35 feet, max reach of 51.7 feet and weight of 17.1 lbs) and are still the same size (Height: 42.4, Width: 13.4, and Depth: 15.4 inches).

The Change in Accessories

As mentioned above the only real major change is the new added accessories that come with the Dyson DC41 Animal complete (the minor change being the colour change). The Dyson DC41 Animal Normal comes with the standard crevice tool and combination tool (which is also included with the DC41 Complete) and it also comes with the mini turbine head, this however in the DC41 Animal Complete package has been replaced by the following...

The Tangle Free Turbine Tool: essentially it can remove pet hair from carpets, stairs etc, without tangling up due to its counter-rotating heads. (Bought on its own $69.99)

The Soft Dusting Brush: to remove dust particles from the more intricate and delicate upholstery etc. (Bought on its own $29.99)

The Multi-Angle Brush: for the really awkward to get to places, such as the top of fans, furniture tops, lighting all dust free. (Bought on its own $34.99)

The Stiff Bristle Brush: used especially for those hard to get to stains.(Bought on its own $19.99)

(All fitting in to a nice little Dyson tool bag)

The Verdict

In all, it is clear that with all the additional accessories provided for the 'DC41 Animal Complete' this package makes it probably the most 'useful' Dyson vacuum ever... having a specialised piece of equipment to deal with pretty much your every need and problem (cleaning wise of course), with this it does -- however comes at a hefty price tag of $650.

This being said, it is only $50 more expensive than the DC41 Animal -- and hence in terms of the equipment you are getting with it -- it is certainly worth the extra $50 on top. As can be seen from the above (31/08/2012 -- prices were taken) if you were to buy all the accessories separately in addition to a DC41 Multi-floor it would come to around the $155 mark, so essentially when you buy the Dyson DC41 Animal complete you are buying a $155 worth of accessories for just $50.

Are you going to complete? If so, please let me know of you experiences with it in the comments section below. And if you have any comments or questions regarding the differences between the Dyson DC41 Animal and the DC41 Animal complete, then please also make them in the comments section below.