In this brief and objective comparison account we take a look at two competing cordless (stick) vacuum cleaners -- the Dyson Digital Slim DC44 and the Hoover Linx -- highlighting both their differences as well as their commonalities within both features and mechanical specifications etc. Ultimately, this article hopes to clarify your position as to which to choose/buy i.e which of the two stick vacuums is better suited to your specific needs & preferences as well as which offers the best value relative to its given price tag. 

(Note: for a quick comparison overview between the DC44 and Linx head down to the bottom of the article -- the conclusion section)

Which offers the better cleaning (suction) performance?

The Dyson DC44 offers a dual power mode -- the standard option offers a constant cleaning suction power of 28 Air Watts and then boost mode (for particularly tough stains, helping the bristles to dig in deeper) which provides an extra 37 Air Watts (to 65 Air Watts).

The Hoover Linx offers one standard 'on/off' and fails to specify its exact 'suction' power -- but due to it being encompassed with a 'lesser' battery i.e a 18 volt lithium ion battery system (compared to the DC44's 22.2 volt lithium-ion battery -- which means both are also 'fade-free' i.e working at constant full power) as well as various testing we can establish that the Digital Slim Mark II offers greater suction (especially so when boost mode is activated). Moreover, the DC44 features the 'Dyson Digital Motor' that is "smaller, lighter, cleaner and more power-efficient than conventional electric motors".

Where the Dyson DC44 is fitted with Dyson's unique Root cyclone technology to allow for no loss of suction, the Hoover Linx also claims Hoover's WindTunnel technology to perform a similar job -- as well as meaning both are 'bagless' (saving you the constant cost of replacing the bags as well as benefiting from seeing how much dust and dirt you have collected due to the transparency of the bin containers). The DC44's Root cyclone technology does however pick up more and smaller microscopic particles of dust and debris than the Hoover Linx (arguably).

All this being said, both actually do 'clean' very well (the DC44 just a fair bit better) -- you should have no issue with any types of flooring (although the DC44 is better suited overall i.e to both soft-flooring, rugs and hard-flooring due to the 'updated' carbon fiber cleaner head being fitted with specialised nylon bristles) or trying to remove pet hairs etc. (especially for the DC44's case -- with the animal version). This being said, neither are really powerful enough to 'replace' that of a standard sized vacuum cleaner, but as you should understand -- this is not their intention (well for cordless stick vacuums as of yet) they are merely to help supplement cleaning (in particular for when a quick clean is in need, saving you the hassle of dragging out, setting up and dragging back a full sized 'heavy' vacuum). 

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
Amazon Price: $399.00 $348.19 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 17, 2013)

Which is easier to use/handle?

Obviously both being cordless vacuum cleaners this provides them with a given 'freeness' in themselves compared with your standard 'corded' vacuum -- but there is a distinct difference in manoeuverability between the Hoover Linx and the Dyson DC44 due to their respective weighting. The DC44 weighs in at 5.07 lbs, the Hoover Linx comes in at 7.25 lbs -- now although the 2.18 lbs might not sound all that much, when trying to vacuum 'high' i.e curtains etc. I guarantee you will soon feel it (note: the Hoover Linx doesn't actually recommend such a practice -- cleaning high -- whereas the DC44 does). Moreover, the DC44 has distributed most of its weight (e.g. the motor, bin storage) into the handle offering a clever ergonomic design to offer the user great balance and control when in use. However, you should not take anything away from the Linx -- it is still incredibly easy to use with 'thorough grip' provided on the handle and can seamlessly vacuum one area to the next -- a particularly useful trait is its 'edge cleaning bristles' that allows for effective removal of dirt against skirting/edges.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $199.99 $136.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 17, 2013)

Which provides the best 'practicality factor'?

This is where in my mind some of the major differences lie with the DC44 and Linx -- firstly the bin capacity; the DC44 offers 0.35 litres which I believe to be marginally bigger than that of the Linx (which fails to accurately specify their bin capacity) -- both however have a simple contraption for the removal of dirt and dust from the bin storage. Moreover, the DC44 has a longer battery life -- in standard use it operates for 20 minutes and on boost mode it lasts for 8 minutes, whereas the Linx on standard mode lasts you just 15 minutes (reportedly). Then the time it takes to fully charge your battery -- the DC44 is done within just 3.5 hours, the Linx on the other hand can take up to 4 hours or more. Both are also provided with a docking station to store and charge the vacuums (both can be conducted separately however). With regards to size the DC44 (Height: 44.1 x Width: 9.1 x Depth: 11.8 inches) is the larger compared to the Linx (Height: 42 x Width: 8 x Depth: 11 inches), but as you can see the difference is marginal. The design of both also allows for 'low-profile' cleaning i.e the vacuums can easily be manoeuvred underneath sofas and furniture etc. saving you the hassle of having to move them 'to and from'. 

The DC44 also offers a unique manipulation of turning into a simple handheld vacuum (similar to that of the DC34) whereby you remove the wand that attaches the handle and cleaner head -- to just the handle (where the motor is stationed) to the accessories provided e.g. the crevice tool to allow you to perform intricate vacuum jobs such as the stair ways or a car, which the Linx is highlighted by reviewers as being rather poor in this department. The DC44 Animal also comes with a pet hair tool specifically designed for effective suck up of pet hair -- the Linx comes without such attachments.

When comparing the cleaner heads -- the Hoover Linx does come with a wider one at 11 inches (hence making the vacuuming process a bit faster), but as touched upon earlier the DC44's is certainly more 'advanced' and makes the DC44 more than capable to compete with the Linx's 'edge cleaning bristles' as well. Moreover, many purchasers of the DC44 also go on to get the Dyson articulating hard floor tool (which also has a wide nozzle) to counteract such a feature.

More Information

Both share a 2 year warranty on parts and labour, so in case anything goes wrong within them two years (when bought with the guarantee in place) -- you are good to get it like 'new' at zero cost. 

They are also fitted with specific cleansing filters that prevent allergens and large amounts of dust (for asthma sufferers) from being expelled into the air.

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy the DC44 or the Hoover Linx?

Clearly, the DC44 is certainly the better cordless vacuum stick -- however not to such a degree that the account above makes out, granted the factual statements are true but the Hoover Linx is in no shape or form a 'bad' cordless vacuum especially when you consider both the glowing 5 and 4 star reviews on how the Linx is robust and performs a good solid job as well as the respective price of the two (the DC44 comes in at around $400 whereas the Linx is closer to $150) -- it suddenly becomes clear why the Hoover Linx is so popular. However, which one you buy is up to you -- perhaps the DC44 Animal advantages (better cleaning power, longer battery life, more accessories, lighter and easier to use, dual compatibility as an upright and handheld vacuum cleaner etc.) over the Linx are worth the difference in price, perhaps not -- but both offer great value in their own rights. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns about either the comparison article of the Dyson DC44 Vs Hoover Linx Stick vacuum or about the mechanical specifications for example regarding either the models specifically then please do not hesitate to make them below in the comments section and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.