What's the Difference?

The difference between the Multi-floor, Animal and Animal Complete version of the DC54 comes only in the varying accessories & attachments that they are equipped with  them (which is all detailed just below) as well as the minor skin colour change (with the Multi-floor being the classic Dyson yellow, the Animal being purple & Animal Complete being usually pink).

The Model

Besides that, the actual components of the DC54 canister vacuum are still actually the same, offering you the exact same suction power etc. -- just to give you a quick overview in this aspect of what essentially stays the same within all the versions of the DC54: they all still possess the highly regarded state-of-the-art 'Cinetic' cyclone technology & 280 AW plus of constant suction (therefore being the most powerful cyclone system to be encompassed in a vacuum as well as preventing you from needing filters fitted into the vacuum & doesn't suffer with any loss of suction -- for more information & details see the DC54 video below), mobility features (such as the Dyson Ball mechanism allowing you to turn on a dime pretty much instantly as well as them only weighing in at 7.6 kg) and practical specifications ( sharing the same relatively compact dimensions: 36.8 x 26.1 x 50.7 cm & max reach: 16.5 metres, from telescope reach: 10 m + cord length: 6.5 m & bin capacity of 2 litres).

In sum then, there is no difference with regards to power, size, weight etc. between all the versions e.g. the Dyson DC54 Multi-floor is not any more or any less powerful than the Dyson DC54 Animal complete, to reiterate -- all that has changed is the skin colour of the DC54 as well as the attachments that come with the version (explained in detail version-by-version below).

Cinetic: Most Powerful Vacuum Cyclone System

The Dyson DC54 Multi-Floor: this version is basically the standard (yellow) version of the DC54 coming with the MuscleHead Cleaner tool (which is intended for use on all floor types with a low profile design, so you can easily clean under furniture etc.) as well as the combination tool (which basically allows for vacuuming awkward & tights gaps as well as powered dusting) and stair tool (which can also be used for cleaning upholstery etc.).

The Dyson DC54 Animal: the Animal version is primarily intended for those who have a pet hair problem in their house and hence comes with a specially engineered attachment -- the tangle-free turbine tool -- which allows for effective pet hair pick-up. Moreover, it comes with two cleaner heads: the latest carbon fibre filaments cleaner head (a more advanced version of the MuscleHead you get with the Multi-floor  -- with a greater pick-up rate across all floor types) & the articulating hard floor tool. The DC54 Animal also comes with the combination tool & stair tool.

The Dyson DC54 Animal Complete (Animal Pro): this package is basically your deluxe 'all singing, all dancing' version, where you get what the DC54 Animal offers with the tangle free turbine tool , the articulating hard floor tool, latest carbon fibre filaments cleaner head as well as the standard combination tool & stair tool -- but the Animal Complete in addition to that gets: the soft dusting brush (which is intended for cleaning/vacuuming on delicate surfaces & areas - to prevent scratches occurring etc.), the flexi crevice tool (for tight gaps between furniture that is hard to reach) as well as a stubborn dirt brush (primarily intended for getting rid of dug in dirt stains within carpets).

The Dyson DC54 Allergy: there is also an allergy version (usually light blue) of the DC54 which as the name suggests is specifically built with people who suffer with Asthma & Allergies (basically incorporates the same features as the Animal version with the cleaner heads: carbon fibre filaments & articulating head) where it comes with the specialised mattress tool that effectively sucks-up pollen & ultra-fine dust particles.

Further Information

The DC54 is the first vacuum cleaner that i) suffers with no loss of suction, ii) is bagless and iii) doesn't require filters -- in turn meaning there is literally no maintenance costs to be had.

With regards to a warranty cover for the DC54, it is backed for five years (since the date of purchase) for both parts & labour.

The Cinetic technology enables no clogging of allergens & dust, hence only produces & expels clean healthy air and are hence particularly recommended for those who are asthmatic & are allergy sufferers, (particularly the allergy version).

Dyson Car Cleaning Kit
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There are also additional attachments that can be bought to improve the functionality of your Dyson DC54 even further, such as the car cleaning kit -- that includes a mini turbine, specialised flexi crevice tool & stubborn dirt brush.

Who is the DC54 Aimed At?

The DC54 is basically an upgrade of the DC39 and hence it offers rather extensive practical specifications with a long max cleaning reach and large bin capacity (& isn't exactly the most compact vacuum i.e it will need a dedicated storage space) -- with the DC54 basically being intended as a family vacuum, to clean mid to large sized homes.

Which Version Should I Buy?

I would opt for the version that offers you the best value - whereby you need to work out which attachments you want (if any) & see if getting it as a bundle package (e.g. Animal Complete) or buying the accessories separately (e.g. like the car cleaning kit on Amazon) offers you the cheapest price -- often it is the former however.

Which version will you choose & why? Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the comparison guide for the DC54 Multi-floor Vs DC54 Animal Vs DC54 Animal Pro (& DC54 Allergy) or about either version of the model individually then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.