This account is a brief and objective review of what you can expect from the new Dyson cordless cleaner -- the DC56 'Dyson Hard' -- as well as what are the initial thoughts regarding this combination cleaner. Moreover, there will also be some discussion of where to go and what you can do in order to try and get the best price for the DC56.

Dyson DC56 Hard- Hardfloor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Jul 1, 2016)

What is the Dyson DC56 'Hard'?

The main idea behind the 'Hard' is that it removes the aspect of two rather (relatively) difficult jobs and turns it into one pretty easy job. Where (the usual procedure) to clean a hard-wood floor (whether it be tiles or wood etc.) is that you firstly have to drag out the vacuum, plug it in etc. and then suck up all the bits of dirt and debris, then unplug it and drag it back to where it lives. Then the second job is to go and hunt down either a mop or sponge and then go on to clean all the remaining grime and dirt (which didn't get caught by the suction).

Now, here is where the Dyson 'Hard' DC56 comes in -- it saves you the trouble of these separate tasks by doing them at the same time (faster, easier and better) -- the cleaner head is fitted with a dual-edge cleaner system by which it vacuums up the debris and then the wipe comes to follow to get rid of any grime. It truly is unique! Granted there are other combination tools out there, but they simply don't hold up in terms of performance & ease of use (Check out the James Dyson interview at the bottom regarding 'how good' the DC56 is below).

Dyson Hard DC56 'In Action'

Cleaning Power

If you haven't noticed (or simply don't know) it has a very similar look & design to that of the Dyson Digital Slim range such as the DC44 and DC35 --  replicating very similar (although updated e.g. the Dyson Digital motor version 2) technology & practical specifications. For instance, it operates on a dual mode basis (as do the DC44 & DC35) -- a standard mode: constant cleaning suction of 28 Air Watts (which is a decent amount of power for removing standard debris and dust) and then a boost mode: constant cleaning suction of 65 Air Watts (to get the particularly dug in dirt and grime on hard-flooring). Moreover, (as you have probably worked out) it operates on the same 'fade-free' 22 volt lithium ion battery, which also indicates a similar battery life -- 15 minutes on standard mode and 6 minutes on boost mode (which may not sound a lot, but when you are using the DC56 -- it really shouldn't be taking you much longer than 15 minutes in fairness -- unless you have a LOT of hard-floor, in which case you could buy a separate battery and have that charged up ready to replace the dying one). 

Root Cyclone Technology

Another aspect it has in common (well as with all Dyson vacuums) -- is it incorporates Root Cyclone technology that basically allows the DC56 to have three distinct benefits over other non-Dyson vacuum/combination cleaners: i) it can operate without a bag (allowing you to save on the constant need to replace bags as well as the bin container can be transparent so you can assess easily when it needs emptying), ii) there is no loss of suction (where as you build up more dirt, the level of suction power doesn't diminish) and iii) it can pick up microscopic dust particles (due to the higher centrifugal forces being generated).

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
Amazon Price: $389.69 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 1, 2016)


As mentioned the design is the same, having a height: 112 x width: 23 x  depth: 30 cm, with a bin capacity also of 0.35 litres. The DC56 also comes with a wall mounted docking (charging) station (taking it approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge), so storage space isn't really too big an issue either (you don't actually have to use the docking station, as it can be charged up separately if needs be). It should be noted however, the DC56 is a bit lighter than its (already incredbily light) Digital Slim counterparts weighing in at only 4.86 lbs -- with the same given ergonomic weight distrubution within the 'handle'. The DC56 'hard' also comes with similar accessories/attachments -- the combination crevice tool (used for vacuuming awkward gaps/areas & doubles up with a brush nozzle to allow for powered dusting), which can allow it to essentially be a handheld vacuum (very much like the DC34 & DC31) -- which obviously expands it functionality (e.g. for cleaning inside cards, stair ways), through simply removing the wand (the long 66cm tube) and fitting the handheld directly with the combination tool.

Cleaner Head

The main difference comes in the cleaner head of the DC56 -- it is fitted with what is known as the 'double-edge' cleaner head -- basically allowing for a dust/dirt/debris suck up (first) and then wiping away the grime (second) and then a suck up after also (third) -- all in one movement, rather than separating the job into two. Moreover, it is attached with a four point axis, allowing the user to have complete control. Note: You are provided with 9 wet wipes, but past that you will have to keep on replacing them.

Further Information

As standard with Dyson cordless vacuums you are provided with a 2 year warranty for parts and labour, so if anything goes wrong with the DC56 in that two year space of time (since buying it) -- you can get it fixed 'like new' for zero cost. Moreover, the DC56 is fitted with a filter mechanism that prevents dust and allergens from being expelled into the air and hence can be used by allergy sufferers and those who are asthmatic.

Dyson Engineers Explaining the DC56

Where to get the Best Price for the DC56?

When it comes to getting hold of a Dyson Hard for the best price, I believe you have three main options: firstly, you can check (or any other big online retailer, but I just personally trust Amazon more) to see if they are themselves (or any third parties) are holding any significant discounts (because they usually purchase the DC56 from Dyson in bulk and are passing on the discount) or any special deals whereby you get an extra attachment etc.

A second option is to check if there are any used/refurbished Dyson Hards on Amazon or any other online retailer (in particular eBay) -- where due to it being second hand and/or remanufactured will allow the DC56 to be prone to large discounts. 

Another option is to check online through a simple search if there are any DC56 vouchers, DC56 coupons, codes or special deals/offers on that feature the DC56 (through to use on the manufacturer's website or on a different online retailer)-- perhaps a discount be provided or at least an extra attachment to use with for instance. Be sure to check if the Dyson Hard features on any 'deal' based websites too, just do a simple search like "DC56 Dyson Hard Best Deals" and this may produce some good results -- or a simple Google Shop, to see which local retailer has it at the best price or best value.

Reviews & Opinions

To be a complete review of the DC56 we need to know what the general consensus is regarding how good the DC56 actually is -- To be updated: but because the DC56 is so new, and barely on sale as of yet there isn't any aggregate thoughts that can be processed yet. Moreover, I want to give it some more time & use before I produce my thoughts (although so far I am very pleased with the Dyson hard).

If you have any concerns, remarks or questions regarding this DC56 Dyson Hard Review or about the DC56 specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.