Comparing the Dyson DC59 & DC62

Are you trying to workout the differences between the Dyson cordless DC59 vacuum and the DC62? You will have a pretty tough job on hand to do so -- as there actually isn't any -- they are the same exact vacuum model (apart from the name change of course).

The powerful Dyson Digital Slim (mk. 3) cordless vacuum cleaner has simply been registered with two separate names for retail in different areas -- where it is called the DC59 for retail in the U.S, Australia and U.K etc. (the one I'd advise most people reading this article to get) and is named the DC62 for European (euro currency based), Japan and Canada retail (mainly due to trademark, copyright & tracking purposes). So when you come across a DC62 for retail (in the UK or US) -- it's simply that its probably being shipped from abroad -- but the model still encompasses the same components, features & specs.

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Jun 22, 2016)

The same thing happened with the model before it -- the DC44 being sold in the US and the DC45 (the same vacuum) being sold in Canada with there sometimes being a criss cross sale (i.e DC44 being sold in Canada & DC45 being sold in the US). 

Just to Briefly give an overview of the Dyson DC59 and DC62 i.e the Digital Slim Mk3.

Cleaning Power "Sucks up as much dust as a conventional vacuum"

The DC59 or DC62 is extremely powerful (especially relative to its predecessors the DC44 & DC35), with no other cordless stick vacuum really coming even close. It offers two cleaning modes -- standard: 28 AW & boost: 100 AW (with the latter mode offering the same cleaning suction power as a Dyson DC24 vacuum), which is pretty incredible really (50% more powerful than the DC44). All this is mainly attributed to the new V6 Dyson Digital motor operating at three times the speed of other 'conventional' vacuum motors & a new re-configured cobalt battery.

Fitted Technology - "Two Tier Radial Root Cyclone technology"

It is also installed with Dyson's very latest & unique cyclone technology (15 cylinders) -- which essentially allows it several benefits over many other 'competing' stick cordless vacuums, such as: i) being able to capture microscopic dust particles, ii) operate without a bag whilst iii) offerig constant suction (even with the build up of dirt & dust).

Dyson Digital Slim DC62MH
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(price as of Jun 22, 2016)

Improved Cleaner Head "Better pick up across every floor type"

Firstly, the cleaner head hasn't only been made to be far lighter -- it has also undergone a serious re-configuration upon the DC44/DC45's brush head. It has been integrated with a self-tightening system, allowing for the brush bar to be constant & steady as well as being fitted with a dust capture channel to stop dirt escaping back on to your floors (occurring with the DC35 & DC44/DC45).

These new features in place have allowed an even better suction and pick up rate of dirt, debris, dust across all floor types than ever before (making it essentially more efficient i.e less 'passes' more dirt being picked up). If you test it out at your local vacuum store or once you get it home, you will soon realise what a powerful and great piece of cleaning machinery the DC59/DC62 actually is.

Practical - "Floor to Ceiling Cleaning", "Super Lightweight & Ergonomic", "Practical"

As it is so lightweight (just 4.6 lbs), with a significant weight distribution placed in the handle & a meticulous ergonomic design (9.8 x 47.8 x 8.2 inches) -- you can not only clean flooring but seamlessly lift up to do ceiling & curtain cleaning too. Also, as it is so thin (ultra low profile design), you can easily clean under furniture without actually moving anything out the way.

Moreover, it is essentially a 2 in 1 vacuum as well -- as you can remove the 'wand' (long aluminum tube connecting the handle to the brush bar) and turn it into a handheld vacuum -- through attaching the brush-bar directly to the handle (turning it into essentially the DC58). It also comes with a crevice tool for any tight gaps and areas that you are struggling to get to as well as mini pet motorised tool for pet hair (if you get the DC59 Animal or DC62 Animal, usually in pink). The bin capacity has also been improved a little -- 0.4 litres.

Battery - "Re-engineered Nickel Maganese Cobalt battery"

As briefly mentioned above, the new battery (upgraded from the 22.2 volt lit ion in the DC44) can supply the DC59 with 1.5 times as much power as well as up to a 26 minute cleaning session with the specialised trigger grip mechanism. It can last constantly for 20 minutes on the standard mode and 6 minutes on the boost mode, taking up to 5.5 hours to fully charge from dead to full (conducted either through the docking station provided or via wired connection). 

Hopefully, this account has cleared up some issues & confusion for you. But, if you have any questions, comments or concerns (or are just generally seeking further advice) about the DC59 Vs DC62 then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Which Should You Buy the DC59 or DC62? 

I would say go with which ever is the cheaper model in general. But, I would instead advise you to go with the model name that Dyson sells in your area (e.g. US go with the DC59), for the 2 year warranty sake.