Should You Buy the Dyson DC65 Animal or DC65 Animal Complete?

Well the basic difference between the two versions of the DC65 (i.e the 'animal' version & animal 'complete version') is essentially the whole additional arsenal of cleaning tools that are provided with the DC65 complete (which is discussed in detail below) as well a slight color skin finish change (as seen from the images below) whereby the DC65 Animal comes in purple and the DC65 Animal complete comes in a fuchsia pink. Apart from these two changes, the DC65 vacuum, for both versions, is completely identical -- they are the same super powerful cleaning machine, but the Animal Complete isn't better than the Animal as well as vice versa.

The Difference in Accessories

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

So to keep it clear we will firstly brief what attachments & tools Dyson DC65 Animal comes with. It comes with the standard yet hugely practical Dyson combination tool -- which is basically a crevice tool designed for cleaning tight spots that also can double up with the brush nozzle attached for powered dusting. The Animal also comes with a stair tool -- a cleverly designed 'tight edged' attachment that is (as the name suggests) used for vacuuming stairs. A soft dusting tool -- that's fitted with long ultra fine bristles for removing microscopic dust particles from delicate surfaces (so you don't have to fear damaging your TV screen as you clean it). Then finally, the specialized pet hair pick up cleaning attachment: the tangle free turbine tool.

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $599.99 $530.98 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 19, 2014)

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Vacuum Cleaner

In addition to what the Dyson DC65 Animal gets (i.e the combination tool, stair tool, tangle free turbine tool & soft brush", the Animal complete also gets the following:

  • "Stiff Bristle Brush" - this is a brush tool that has been fitted with tough nylon bristles that act to perform a flicking motion on dug-in deep dirt and stains to pop them up and is effective on both hard and soft flooring.
  • "Multi-Angle Brush" - also known as the up top brush, this is used for cleaning those hard high to reach places such as on the tops of shelves, cupboards etc., saving you the hassle and risk that comes with pulling out a chair to do some cleaning.
  • "Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder" - a bag of a specialized powder that can remove stains from your flooring without the need for ever getting it wet.
  • "Luxury Tool Bag" - and to top it all off, you get a Dyson tool bag to store all your extra tools & attachments and keep them on hand whilst you are cleaning.
Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $649.99 $569.95 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 19, 2014)

Should You Buy the DC65 Animal or Animal Complete?

So in all, you basically get a set of four extra components: the up top tool, stiff bristle brush, luxury bag & zorb powder (that if you were to buy separately would cost upwards of $70) and the price difference between the Animal & Animal Complete is $50, so you are effectively saving yourself money with the Complete (due to buying in bundle). Yet again, you might not want any of the 'extra gear' and quite happy with what the DC65 Animal has to offer and save the 50 bucks.

Dyson DC65 Overview

Just to re-emphasize the fact that the DC65 Animal & DC65 Animal Complete are completely identical (apart from the color finish, as seen above) as well as the difference in accompanied accessories specified above, I will provide you with a brief overview of what exactly you are getting.

The DC65 is the most advanced vacuum cleaner ever created given it "cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors" this is because it has been fitted with all the very latest Dyson state-of-the-art cleaning technology. Such as its huge 245 Air watt constant suction power capacity and re-modeled, re-vamped and re-configured radial root cyclone technology -- making it more capable of capturing allergens, dust and pet hair from your hardwood floors, carpets and rugs than any other Dyson. 

It comes with the updated motorized brush bar that applies 25% more power than its predecessor (the DC41, an already very effective & powerful vacuum cleaner) -- that works in conjunction with the 'self-adjusting cleaner head' that acts to optimize suction performance, through adapting from hard floors (lowers the head) to soft floors (raises the head) -- minimizing suction leakage.

With regards to practical features it is built on the same framework as the DC41, hence weighs in at just 17 lbs and comes fitted with a Dyson ball system in place to allow for easy mobility whilst you are cleaning throughout the house. Moreover, it offers extensive practical specifications -- a 0.55 gallon bin capacity & 50 ft plus reach -- which is no surprise given it is purposefully built just for cleaning American homes.

Final Thoughts

Clearly they are quite expensive, however they act as both a long term investment (they will last a considerable length of time, just ask DC07 owners who still have their first Dyson after more than 15 years) which is backed by the industry leading 5 years warranty program they offer when you buy it newly, as well as a 'treat' for the simple fact you will never get the same 'superhuman' cleaning feeling like this DC65 will offer you. Once you try cleaning with it, nothing will come close to comparing.

Also, if you have any questions, issues or remarks regarding the comparison of the Dyson DC65 Animal Vs Animal complete then please make them below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.