Economist's Review: Dyson DC44 Animal

As a bit of (sad) Dyson enthusiast... boy am I excited to share this review with you -- of Dyson's latest masterpiece (ok, perhaps 'masterpiece' is a slight exaggeration -- but I promise you that it will impress) to the range -- "Dyson Digital Slim DC44 Animal" -- which is also being termed as the Mark II of the Dyson Digital Slim Range, an upgrade to that of its predecessor in many cases... the Dyson DC35.

Pure Power & Performance...

The obvious place to start is with the Dyson DC44 Animal's power and cleaning performance (mainly speaking that of its run time and suction power) where the Mark I (DC35, hope you are keeping up) in some people's eyes ..well sort of failed, the run time wasn't long enough to give a decent clean -- lasting around 15 minutes on the 'standard' mode and 6 minutes at 'boost mode' and was barely deemed powerfully enough to clean out the closet under the stairs. Don't worry though Dyson have addressed such issues with the DC44 Animal -- with an increased run time on 'standard' mode of 20 minutes as well as the 'boost' mode to 8 minutes, they have also claimed to have made the DC44 Animal 100% more powerful through its motorized floor tool! 

Dyson DC44 Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner Mark 2Credit: -- Dyson

It is also worth addressing those of you who are thinking -- but even 20 minutes isn't even that long, and I know of such & such a model that can last for a whole hour.

My reply: Yes, you probably do know such & such a model that can last a whole hour, however if you buy such & such a model, you will soon come to realise that it won't be even close to the cleaning power of the Dyson DC44 Animal & moreover the power won't remain constant throughout its run time, it will gradually become less and less powerful -- the DC44 Animal on the other hand has its power spread evenly -- providing a constant high suction power for the full 20 minutes. Besides, the DC44 is aimed at the small apartment types, the just upstairs jobs -- and really if you want to be spending more than 20 minutes vacuuming then you are probably looking for a perfect job and are better of looking at a standard upright cleaner.

Moreover, it comes with the classic Dyson Root Cyclone technology (all Dyson Vacuums do) in order to prevent suction of loss, as you 'suck' up more debris and dirt into your vacuum bin capacity -- however the DC44 is slightly special as it also comes with an 'fade-free nickel manganese cobalt battery' to allow for an 'even' higher suction.

.... and a dash of Practicality.

The DC44 Animal from that of the Mark I (DC35) hasn't really change much in this regard both are the same size (Height:112, Width: 23 & Depth: 30 cm), both are ergonomically designed (e.g. having their weight distributed towards the handle to give the user an impression of lightness), as well both having the ability to clean a range of flooring  (hard floor, stairs etc.) & even ceilings -- the only real difference is the DC44 Animal is a tad lighter at 2.2 kg whereas the DC35 weighed in 2.25 kg -- and colour change.

Like that of the DC35 it also has the incredibly useful feature of doubling up as a handheld vacuum cleaner similar to that of the DC34 -- although with all the new upgrades etc. to the DC44 it probably makes it the most efficient and overall 'best' handheld vacuum in the market.

Furthermore, it is suited with an array of useful accessories, this being said no more have been included from the DC35 range -- the inclusion of a crevice tool, combination tool etc. There is of course the docking station as well, which has seen mixed reviews, some love it, some find it cheap -- I find it 'average' at best, something Dyson should probably work on with their Mark III edition, it does however do the job -- keeping it nice and tucked away and giving you a fully charged DC44 Animal after 3.5 hours (which by the way is around 2 to 3 times faster than other conventional vacuum cleaners).

Should You Buy the DC44 Animal?

Difficult question really... it does come at a pretty hefty price of just under $400, this being said it is literally perfect (or closest thing to) for those who live in a small flat/apartment or are just wanting a vacuum for the upstairs or downstairs due to being sick of lugging up and down. Not, however so conventional for those who live in the 'larger' house. 

My verdict: A step in the right direction of modern 'easy' vacuuming, it can't replace that of conventional upright corded vacuum cleaners as of yet in terms of cleaning performance but it is getting there. 4/5 from me -- very good, but still room for improvement. Are you going to buy the DC44 Animal? Please let me know your experiences of it are in the comments section below, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to shoot them below also.