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The following Dyson Flatout Head tool review comes in essentially two sections -- the first a rather objective report that details exactly what the purpose of the flatout head tool 'is' as well as how it works etc. The second section is more of a 'real' perspective of the tool (sourcing from my own opinion along with other Flatout Head tool reviews), how well does it actually do its job and whether it is essentially worth the price tag -- $49.99 (note however there will be a bit of additional advice on where to get the 'best and cheaper price' for the flatout head tool also). 

Dyson Flatout Head ToolCredit: Amazon.com -- DysonWhat is the Dyson Flatout Head Tool?

Essentially the flatout head tool has been designed for effective 'under cleaning' i.e vacuuming under furniture, cupboards and beds etc. Which as you can imagine, saves you the energy, time and hassle from having to move around furniture etc. for that section of the floor to be vacuumed. (Demonstrated in the video just below).

How Does the Dyson Flatout Head Tool Work?

The cleaner head tool essentially attaches on to the end of your Dyson's telescope (cylinder or upright), and can then be effectively and quickly used to clean up debris and dirt etc. from a range of flooring (e.g. soft and hard etc.). Moreover, as just mentioned it can essentially go literally flat-out, hence you can get under pretty much under any sofa, wardrobes etc. and clean that particular section of the flooring that it covers.

Is My Dyson Vacuum Compatible With the Dyson Flatout Head Tool?

The Flaout Head tool attachment works with ALL Dyson upright vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC24, DC25, DC27, DC40, DC41 and all the respective versions -- Animal, Mutli-floor etc.) and with ALL Dyson Canister/ Cylinder vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC32, DC38, DC39 and all the respective versions -- Animal, Multi-floor etc.). It is not however compatible with the handheld and cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC34, DC35, DC44 etc.).

How 'Good' is the Flatout Head Tool?

It is actually (and a quite surprisingly) incredibly useful. Just to think, how many areas don't get cleaned and vacuumed on a regular basis in your house simply because you can't be bothered with the hassle of moving all the furniture out the way in order to do it (certainly an issue in my household anyway). For me, I use it to cleans under beds, cabinets, wardrobes, desks etc. And I have to say it is probably 'by far' the most practical, useful and time/effort-saving Dyson accessory from the collection of accessories I own. An easy one this for me -- five stars.

Is the Dyson Flatout Head Tool Worth it?

Obviously, it is not wise to just take my word for it, buif you check out other Dyson Flatout head tool reviews -- many of them do match my own positive review. For example, on Amazon.com (as of 04/10/2012) it scores an average rating of 4.7 stars, which is an impressive statistic just by itself -- but be sure to check out the comments and reviews too, many literally "love it!" with comments such as "very useful for low rise areas like under couches, cabinets and beds. The attachment is worth every penny! Multiple adjustments make it easy to reach under any furniture." and "This tools reaches under everything in your houses without moving any furniture. A must have for any home with a Dyson vacuum."

Where to Find the Best Price for the Dyson Flatout Head Tool?

Dyson retails the Flatout head tool at around the $50 mark, however if you were to do a bit of online bargain hunting you are likely to find the tool for a fair bit cheaper. For example if you check out Amazon.com (as of 04/10/2012) they are holding it at a 30% discount -- priced just under $35.

If you have any concerns, remarks or questions regarding either the 'Dyson Flatout Head Tool review' or specifically the Dyson Flatout Head tool itself (e.g. technical aspects, specifications etc.), then please be sure to make them in the comments section, that you should find just below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.